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Title: Kamper
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on September 11, 2017, 10:44:25 PM
A lush world of oceans and rainforests, Kamper was once part of House Pelagia's holdings, but was seized by House Calipsa after the rise of the Empire. The Kamper System is a cross-roads for House Calipsa, with hyperlanes leading not only to their recent acquisitions still rich with resources, but also Calipsa itself, giving the House a hyperlane into Pelagia and Cadriaan territory to access the Shapani Bypass

As a result, House Calipsa's presence in the system is fairly strong, with at least two of their Nebulon-B frigates patrolling the system along with a slew of patrol craft at any given moment. Imperial presence is occasional but infrequent, typically only seeing smaller patrol groups.
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Post by: Sabe Baize on September 11, 2017, 10:53:10 PM
~Time Jump (Rebels) - 48 Hours~

"Astral Nomad this is Kamper Spaceport Control. You are cleared to dock, docking bay 27. Please be aware that a Customs inspection is mandatory and failure to comply will result in detainment and the seizure of your vessel and anything on board." The bored sounding control officer said over the comm.

"Astral Nomad copies, Kamper Control. Beginning our approach now." Zhug replied, and began guiding in his YT-1000 freighter towards the blue and green sphere before them. Around them, all manner of space traffic was coming, going, or just passing through. IPV-1 patrol craft bearing House Calipsa's sigil passed by as well, as did a Nebulon-B frigate.

Upon entering atmosphere, a sprawling city in the middle of a rainforest greeted them, but showed signs of damage still being repaired.

"Not long after the Empire took over, just about every House ganged up on House Pelagia and beat them down pretty hard. Calipsa annexed a good chunk of their systems, including Kamper. Place never quite has healed, I suppose." Zhug commented as the ship decended closer to the city and its spaceport. Tobias, the First Mate and Co-Pilot of the Astral Nomad, got up and headed to the back to start stowing their equipment so that Calipsa's forces wouldn't find it.
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Post by: Asalaya Emaalon on October 02, 2017, 11:13:19 PM
 Those first images that filled Laya's eyes were one that perhaps she had not quite seen the like before. Yes she had seen lush worlds before, even been on a few, but none of them were like this, none seemed to compare. Looking out the small viewport she simply couldn't turn her eyes away, there was something both deeply intriguing about what she could see and something calming as well. Although in her heart she knew it wasn't going to stay like that for long, that feeling at least. Her eyes were drawn in more and more as the little ship made its final approach. Laya had to shake her head good and hard to break out of her reverie. "Fascinating place, I'd be likin to come back here for a different circumstance." She hated hot and dry, that was her homeland and as much as she was loyal to it, that didn't mean she had to like it. In fact Laya was even more comfortable in cold and snowy places if she had a choice.

 "Once we're on the ground, what be our first priority? Or I should say where will we be headin first up?"
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Post by: Visas Marr on October 03, 2017, 04:43:52 PM
Having changed into their clothes, Visas now felt just that much more a part of their company, even to the point of sharing a small meal with the young Padawan, for indeed that was how she saw Asalaya now; a Padawan who needed guidance and training not only with the Force, but with general life exposure as well. For in a very short time she had learned that the girl had led though a rather exciting life for her age, it was one that perhaps was rather diminished in the finer touches. "Find our Captain Harik and his ship, then get out of there with as little fuss as possible. Exposure is the last thing this alliance needs at this point in time." She gave Laya an answer, the most logical one.
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Post by: Sabe Baize on October 05, 2017, 01:13:17 PM
Sabe's eyes just kept fixating on each battle scar that the capital city of Kamper wore, wondering if the people there just rolled over and let themselves be annexed by a rival house or if the fires of insurgency were waiting to ignite here like they did back on Onderon.

"I'm thinkin' that our best bet is if you spring our man while Tobias and I case the impound yard for his ship. YT-1760s are still fairly new, and not a lot of people run them. Too small in the cargo space, not a good trade off for the big ol' engines crammed in. Ideally, we get you all to his ship and then we follow as innocent as you please. But if we gotta make a hasty retreat, let's just hope Myn Harik and his Last Starshine are up to being graceful under pressure." Zhug said.

"...that isn't a plan, that's a goal." Sabe commented.

"Not much for plans, kid. Most of 'em go by the wayside real quick like so it's easier to just play that by ear. Plus Nova sent me a comm after you all called it a night. Turns out those reinforcements aren't going to show, couldn't be bothered with a small-time outfit like us. Now, the first part is Customs." Zhug explained while piloting the freighter towards the spaceport, "Normally, I'd say just be all grins and waves and let me do all the talking, but our mission does lend us a potential angle. If you think you can manage busting yourselves out, me and Tobias can hide in one of the smuggling compartments and you three get yourselves arrested. They'd put the Nomad in the impound yard, where we can just get straight to finding the Starshine."

"That sounds insane, but it's actually one that would be advantageous in more than one way. Not only would we be brought to our objectives, which they would not expect, they'd think we were just petty criminals saving a fellow criminal. No connection to the Alliance would be made right away." Sabe commented, finally agreeing with the Duros Captain.

"Otherwise, the trick is getting into the security forces compound without causing a ruckus that gets back to the Alliance. I mean, you can cause a ruckus, but they just can't trace it back. Past that, ah...well, I'd say we've got about enough time for a couple more suggestions before I gotta put her down." Zhug said.
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Post by: Asalaya Emaalon on October 09, 2017, 01:39:04 AM
 Every minute she was with these people became more and more interesting, with intrigue thrown in for good measure. What the others didn't know, other than perhaps the woman calling herself Visas, was the fact that since they were even close to Kamper, Laya was 'feeling' for those kind of people she had come to know as being Force sensitive. While she was raw and yes totally inexperienced, possibly dangerous as well (she had been told that point blank several times); there were a few useful things she had picked up along the way that had helped both her and anyone she was with on a number of occasions without actually giving herself away. Laya wasn't sure how or where she had learned this particular trick, all she knew was that it worked.

 She smiled inwardly when that feeling, or emotion it felt like sometimes, told her that just her and Visas were the only ones within a very long way who had even a light touch on the Force. That made things so much easier for what she was about to agree to; Laya figured if a twelve year old could escape from what was a real prison in every sense of the word, surely three adults could get themselves free of almost any situation, even if it did mean getting locked up. "I can do it. I mean 'we' can do it." She corrected herself, she wasn't in this alone, not this aspect of it. "Most of the time I've managed to talk me way out of almost anything and that includes some rather gross lock ups at the hands of the Hutt; this'n ain't gonna be all  that hard is it?" Of course there was the unknown, she had zero idea on how tight these people down on Kamper could be with perceived crims.
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Post by: Visas Marr on October 09, 2017, 11:56:05 PM
"This place is ill." Visas commented to no one in particular whilst her mind was looking out the window, feeling the presence of that below them. To her, even the world that surrounded them could be deemed as sick in need of healing. This though was something else, it felt off as if someone had deliberately gone out their way to cause ruin.

Taking everything into account, she knew immediately what needed to be done in the first instance. "We will need to access their security from the outset. Harik could be under simple close arrest on his own ship, or locked up so deeply we need a Klatooinian excavator ship to dig him out." Hearing her own words, in mentioning a race she had often come up against, she wondered for a moment if they still existed. "That should be our first priority and I can do that alone if you wish. But it should be done quickly whatever your decision be." She felt Asalaya reaching out with a trickle of the force, so tiny that even she could barely detect it. "She's good, very good." Visas told herself.
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Post by: Sabe Baize on October 10, 2017, 08:04:10 PM
Zhug angled his ship for the landing pad finally, lowering the landing struts and preparing to activate the repulsors once they were close enough to the ground to slow the last 50 meters or so into a graceful landing.

"Nova's people already said he's in the security compound. So yeah, we gotta dig him out. But I think we're gonna need you on the outside. Visas, go back there and find Tobias, have him secure the two of you in the smuggling compartments. Figure it'll take all of a minute to find the ship we're after, so better you're in a position to help us from the outside." Zhug said, "Unless someone else wants to be on the outside. Either way, I'm going with you. Been locked up more than a few times, I know a few tricks. We just want to be out of there before the ISB team shows up."

The Astral Nomad settled down onto its landing struts and Zhug began powering down the ship. As he did, a three-man team began to approach the ship. Two of them were in blue body armor that looked very much like Stormtrooper armor, but bore the sigil of House Calipsa on the shoulder plates, while the third walked between them appeared to be an officer of some sort.
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Post by: Asalaya Emaalon on October 13, 2017, 06:33:17 PM
 Assuming that everything went according to plan, this whole operation could be as easy as taking a dusk slug from a baby Kowakian Monkey-Lizard. Or not. Quite often the best laid plans went awry, Laya hoped this wasn't going to be one of those occasions.

 While she wasn't the most adept at the Force persuasion, she had used the skill a number of times to reasonable effect, it all depended really on the subject. She was well aware to that some were totally immune to it, but it was worth a try at least. Pressing herself against a wall she waited, whispering to the others. "If'n you want me to do somethin special, just let me know." Her eyes looked over at the strange woman though, she was an unknown entity, at this point she didn't fully trust her.
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Post by: Visas Marr on October 17, 2017, 12:38:05 AM
A quite reasonable plan Visas thought immediately, there were no holes in it that she could determine so far. "Leave it to me then." The ancient Jedi quipped, darting away forward of the ship. She didn't have to see to know where Tobias was, the woman could feel him, in fact she knew the exact whereabouts of everyone on the ship with each individual having their own scent and aura for her to use in finding them.

Minutes later she was standing behind him. "Tobias, Zhug has a rather unique plan for the two of us. He requests that we be sequestered in the smuggling compartments so that we'll be closer to help if needs be." The more she thought about it, the more it rang of something she had done herself eons ago. Whether it came off well was another story, as she had found some of her memories were starting to fade. Visas knew that was a part of the effects of being in stasis so long. 
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Post by: Sabe Baize on October 19, 2017, 03:41:32 PM
"Alright then. Just follow my lead, ladies. We'll get arrested faster than the Kessel Run." Zhug said as he powered down his ship.

Tobias looked up from stowing the team's weapons in one of the compartments and listened to Visas before nodding.

"Figures he'd come up with some crazy hare brained scheme like that. Alright, we'll use the floor compartments, they're a lot more roomy." Tobias said, securing the bulkhead he was at, which gave no impression of being a storage compartment, but the Nomad was a smuggling ship, after all. He then opened up two of the floor covers to reveal large containers, which were empty. They also had small video displays, likely for monitoring the interior of the ship remotely.

"Hop in, and don't make a sound." Tobias said, "I'll let you out once we're clear. Don't worry, we made these for us to hide in, so you won't run out of air. If you have to get out quick, hit the red release button." He then sealed the cover over Visas before concealing himself in the other compartment.

Zhug waited for the loading ramp to fully lower and for the inspection team to reach them.

"Welcome to Kamper. Do you have anything to declare before we begin?" The officer asked.

"Yeah! WHERE'S MY MONEY?!" Zhug shouted before tackling the customs officer to the ground, "YOU OWE ME FIFTY THOUSAND!"

The customs officer fell to the ground and tried to use the datapad in his hand to ward off the angry Duros trying to punch him. Sabe blinked but as one of the soldiers was turning to pull Zhug off of him, she launched in with a kick at the back of his leg to drop him to a knee and then wrapped her arms around him in a classic hold. The guard dropped his blaster rifle and was unable to get to either his pistol or the baton at his hip.

"Back off if you know what's good for you, unless you want to share in his debt!" Sabe said loudly, wrestling the guard away from Zhug and the officer.

"HELP! HELP!" The officer shouted.

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Post by: Asalaya Emaalon on October 24, 2017, 01:38:08 AM
 Picking up the gist of what was going down very quickly, Laya didn't bat an eyelid in throwing herself into the game, for the game in getting oneself arrested was always going to be both interesting and exciting.

 Seeing the stance the guards took, and that of her comrades, the young woman fell to using her wits and physical skills alone to add her weight to the scene, easily decking a somewhat shorter guard and knocking him to the ground, placing her boot on his chest. "Don't move boyo or I will shoot you." She wouldn't, not unless her friends were threatened and she had to go the full bravado to make it just that much more of a case for the impending arrest. Just to keep things serious, she didn't look at her companions, for fear she'd burst out laughing.
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Post by: Visas Marr on October 26, 2017, 04:34:03 PM
<Hidden hidey hole>

Memories came flooding back to Visas when Tobias opened the compartment for her, it was strangely familiar. Giving him a pleasant smile as she stepped in, she let her senses do the 'looking' around for her, to her surprise what she felt was almost identical to another smuggler's compartment in another time and place- it was almost as if nothing had changed in several thousand years. "I'm not one to overly panic at anything Tobias, what you should be hoping for is that I don't find it too comfortable then end up going to sleep." She patted his hand as she slipped below, waiting for the cover to be replaced.
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Post by: Sabe Baize on October 27, 2017, 01:22:10 PM
Just as sure as could be, a full squad of guards stormed the docking bay, rifles drawn, and surrounded the trio. Two guards each pulled each of the Rebels off of their victims, with a third giving each a close up view down the barrel of an E-11. The officer hauled himself to his feet, brushing himself off. After taking a breath, he turned to Zhug.

"I don't know who you are or what you think is going on, but assaulting an officer of the House is a felony in Calipsa Space. As of right now, all of you are under arrest and your ship is now being impounded. And since you've admitted to aiding and abetting illegal activities among the Customs office, you will be held until you tell us who it is you've been conspiring with." The officer turned to his guards, "Search the ship, bring anything you find. Then have impound secure it."

"Just tryin' to cover your own karking backside, eh?" Zhug demanded, struggling against the guards while a final guard rounded up any weapons that were found on each of the Rebels in a pat down.

"...get these three scum out of my sight." The officer ordered, and they were carted off to the security station, while a team scoured the ship. Finding only some antiquities in the cargo hold, the Astral Nomad was taken to the impound yard...

============================<Timeskip - 30 Minutes Later>===============================
<Starport Security Facility>

The facility for housing prisoners taken at the starport had been built by Imperial contractors for House Calipsa, as evidenced by the fact that had one not known they were prisoners of the House, one would have thought they were in Imperial custody. It looked just like an Imperial detention block, complete with the half circle of consoles at the entrance leading to halls of cells. Just as the Rebels were being brought in through one door, the one next to them opened and a group of Stormtroopers led by a human in a black uniform pushed past to the officer manning the consoles.

"Agent Marcus Sekel here for Prisoner 58271." The man said.

"Prisoner 58271 is currently in Interrogation. A guard will take you there." The officer said, and one of the posted guards waved the Agent and his entourage to follow him down one of the corridors. The officer then looked to the Rebels.

"Inprocessing. Take them to holding cell D-281 for now, we need to get 58271 ready for out processing after the ISB is done with him." The officer said.

"Yes, sir. Move it, convicts." The lead guard with the Rebels said, herding them down another of the corridors to a cell. All it had was a large durasteel slab to act as a bench and an barred cell door that gave a view into the hallway. All three were pushed in harshly before the door was shut and the guards departed.

"...58271 must be Myn Harik." Zhug said quietly.

"The ISB is already here, we're too late." Sabe replied.

"No, just on time. Alright, who can get us out without getting us blasted?" Zhug asked.
<Impound Yard>

Right on cue, Tobias opened up the cargo compartment and helped Visas out of the hold before opening up the bulkhead compartment to retrieve their weapons.

"Well. Cap'n isn't going to be too happy about his cargo to Lynx being stolen. But I guess he should've hid it before he decided to go with this plan of his." Tobias said, equipping himself. Strangely, he had a slugthrower pistol, which he attached something to the muzzle, as well as a well-worn EE-3 blaster rifle that he slung over his back. He set out Visas' weapon bag for her to get into while securing the weapon bag holding everyone else's weapons over his shoulder.

"Alright. How do you want to play this? We can go look for the ship we came for first, or we can make our way out of here to the security post. Cap'n brought me on because I know my way around anything with an electronic circuit, I was in a militia fighting droids as a kid during the Clone Wars, so don't worry about me if the blaster bolts start flying." Tobias explained.
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Post by: Asalaya Emaalon on October 29, 2017, 08:24:05 PM

 All things considered it worked out rather well, their objective to get inside was, well nothing short of predictable, as in they were locked up; prisoners and that was after all what they wanted. Of course Laya had to shoot her mouth/ego off by saying she was able to get them out of almost anywhere, the problem with that was just about all the places she had been locked up in were quite substantially more primitive than this with security, ie locks, being far more antiquated that this system.

 Still in the few moments she had to think about it, she knew it wasn't going to be that hard. Just a little more trickier than she was used to. For a start, the cell door lock wasn't controlled by a panel just outside each cell, they were on a console a distance away where a guard sat down the hall and so far in her little bag of tricks Laya hadn't even begun to experiment with that mind job she had been told about that apparently these 'Jedi' were able to use in convincing people of things they'd normally not be so easily persuaded in. Like telling them the sky was red and making them accept it. A nice gimmick of course but could she do it? Well there was only one way to find out. Very quietly she answered Zhug. "I think I can, I mean like its not something I've done 'afore but I have read about it and bin told more than once at great length about it." That was just one option, the other might get them out quickly, it would also get them as quickly shot. "If someone complains about stomach pains, that will get the main guard running, if there is anything cell guards hate the most, is cleaning up after a case o' the runs." That was her experience, and it had served her well to use it as a ruse more than once.
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Post by: Visas Marr on October 30, 2017, 08:04:53 PM

Taking up her arms, Visas felt slightly strange, as it had been more than a very long time since she'd used anything else but her light saber or indeed her own abilities. It didn't put her off that much though, she was adaptable, the woman had to be considering who she was and the race she came from; you either made concessions, adapted to rapid changes or you died. It was as simple as that. "You seem very confident." Her voice was a soft murmur, almost bordering on a whisper.

Gathering her assorted weapons together, Visas did her best to hide them wherever she could; it was fortunate that the pants were rather baggy at the bottoms, it allowed her to stuff one of the hand weapons into the top of her boot. "I need a cloak of some kind, nothing fancy mind you." She didn't think it would sit well if both of them carried whatever weapons they had, in the same way. People had a tendency to notice things like that. "And for what its worth, I think we should find the ship, the other hopefully will be taking care of the security aspect and we can always add to that once the ship has been found." Hopefully that is how things could work out for them.
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Post by: Sabe Baize on November 02, 2017, 01:04:22 PM
<Starport Security Facility>

"Alright, but someone has to play the part of the sick one. Who can make it convincing?" Zhug asked.

"You can, but as unwelcome as my help is going to be..." Sabe immediately punched Zhug in the stomach to knock the wind out of him and then slammed a knee into his chest. That left the Duros captain doubled over on the floor and groaning in pain.

"Call the guard." Sabe said as she moved to the side of the cell door to get out of sight.

<Impound Yard>

Tobias ducked into one of the quarters and came back with a simple black cloak for her before leading the way to the back of the cargo hold, where he removed one of the grates, which led to a ladder to a hatch that would let them out without lowering the ramp and attracting attention. Once outside, they were in a massive hangar that housed a large number of ships, mostly freighters but there were a couple larger ships in the back and what appeared to be fighters at the front. The roof appeared to be of a type that slid open for easy take off and landings, but was sealed at the moment.

"Be careful, there may be guards here. We'll need to figure out how to open the roof as well, but if we have to, we'll blast our way out. Just depends on how much of a commotion Cap'n makes." Tobias said quietly.
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Post by: Asalaya Emaalon on November 03, 2017, 05:52:54 PM

 "Nice one." Laya merely looked sideways at Sabe's actions, its something she would have done herself. "Zhug, groan a bit will ya when he comes, make it sound like you've eaten the worst meal of yer life." Now that bit was out of the way it was up to her to get the man down here, it was going to take all her feminine ways to do so, something she'd almost forgot she had, having lived with super over protective males for the better part of the last five or six years.

 She stepped up to the barred door, placed two fingers in her mouth and whistled loudly. So much for la femme, that just went right out the door.

 "Yeah what is it cretin?" The gruff sounding guard yelled from his station.

 "Can you come quickly please? My friend here is woefully sick." She called back.

 "No! Let him suffer, you've caused us enough trouble already. Leave me alone." He went back to reading whatever it was he was reading.

 Laya sighed. "You know, if he's sick badly, or soils himself, you all gotta clean it up doncha?" She knew the system well.

 The big man shuffled from his desk, he walked with a gimpy left leg. When he came to the door, he told her and Sabe to move back to the rear of the cell. "No funny business you two." Using a remote that he pointed at his station, the cell door opened. He had his blaster in his right hand.

 Now was Laya's turn. With just a trickle of the force she spoke to him, subtle whispers. "You don't need that weapon, I'll take care of it for you."

 There was  little doubt in the man's face, but strangely, he agreed. He handed Laya the weapon, then bent to look at Zhug. As he did so, Laya passed the Blaster to Sabe.
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((OOC now I have my act together and took the effort to read back, I'll correct my confusion- I'll remove this OOC later))

<Impound Yard>
Looking around in the semi gloom, with dust particles filling the air, Visas thought for all of about two seconds before she came to what she felt was the right thing to do. "We've entrusted the others in their mission in the hope they succeed. Any interference at this point from us may well endanger what they set out to do. So we find the ship, secure it in the hope we can get our timing right with them and there shan't be any great delay or interval of time between us reaching them again." She turned about in a full circle before coming to the principle question on her mind. "What does his ship look like? Any distinguishing markers I should look for?" That had to be the most obvious thing.
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Post by: Sabe Baize on November 21, 2017, 01:56:26 PM
<Holding Facility>

As soon as she had the blaster, Sabe clubbed the guard across the back of the head with it, knocking him to the floor. She set about securing him by using the guard's stuncuffs and then relieved him of his commlink, stun baton, and sidearm. Zhug indignantly stood up, brushing himself off.

"...I'm not doing that again, someone else can volunteer." Zhug said with a final groan.

Sabe rolled her eyes and checked over the rifle, a compact EE-4 Carbine, and then held out the guard's sidearm, a DH-17 pistol, and stun baton for Zhug and Laya to decide on.

<Impound Yard>

"Yeah, good point. Well, a YT-1760 looks kind of like our ship from the front, so the cockpit pod is centrally mounted and has the forward pod clamps on either side. But unlike the YT-1000, the -1760 has three large engine pods at the rear. It's not very common though, most freighter captains don't like the -1760 because it comes off the line with a tenth of the cargo capacity because of the bigger engines and you have to spend money to get accommodations better than a prison cell installed, which halves your crew capacity." Tobias quietly explained, "So odds are, it might be the only one here of that type. Past that, I don't know enough about the ship or owner to tell you what to look for that's might not have nearly as much wear though. The -1760 was only released about 20 years ago."
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Post by: Visas Marr on November 23, 2017, 05:24:13 PM
<Impound Yard>

"That's all I need to know, give me a few moments and please Tobias, keep a sharp eye out." With that said Visas was off like the wind, her speed defying her great age which apparently though in theory, she was still only physically as she was when put to 'sleep' so long ago.

Bounding from place to place using vessels as leaping bridges, she was soon up among the catwalks, her senses feeling every nuance and shape of every ship. It was a difficult and confusing maze, every now and then she had to stop to clear her head from the bombardment of images coming to her until at last she found what she was looking for. "Tobias!" She half shouted half whispered. "At the end, last ship near the opposing door set. It still 'feels' warm I might add."  She continued along the same direction until she found a suitable place to come down, finally waiting for him to catch up.
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Post by: Asalaya Emaalon on November 24, 2017, 07:04:46 PM
<Holding Facility>

 Kind of went down easy, but Laya knew only too well when you get easy, the next phases of your 'op' will gradually get harder and far more difficult as you proceed. She'd learned that lesson well, you'd only have to look at her life's story.

 "Okay you be on Zhug, I'll take the next hit if'n it comes up. Nothin like a ripped girl's torso full o' muscle is there?" Her grin was so wide it would have shamed a Nexu. "Soooo, where do ye be thinkin' they gonna stuff this guy away? I mean he's important right? Or is there sommat I'm need to know..oh and any loot possible in this would rooly make it worthwhile ya know what I mean?"
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Post by: Sabe Baize on December 05, 2017, 09:17:39 PM
<Holding Facility>

"He's likely wherever the ISB entourage went when we were taken in. So, we follow them." Sabe said, as Zhug took the DH-17 and left the stun baton for Laya. "...and we're not here to loot the place, this is neither the time nor the place."

Zhug pushed past them and headed back the way they came to processing. Sabe rushed after the Duros smuggler, who closed the distance rather swiftly to the desk guard, throwing a powerful left hook to knock him out before he could sound the alarm. Zhug relieved the man of his sidearm, now carrying a pair of DH-17s. He gave over the guard's EE-4 to Laya and the stun baton to Sabe.

"We're going to have to work fast, kids. Don't bother with niceties, just go in blasting and don't hit our guy. Hopefully the others found the ship." Zhug said, pointing down the other corridor that the ISB team had gone down.

<Impound Yard>

"Yeah, that looks like our ship. Now we just need to get it out of here. We can either try to blast our way out or figure out how to dupe them into letting our ships out early. Either way works, it's just a matter of how we can pull it off." Tobias suggested, looking around. They weren't in any danger of being spotted yet, no one really was going to expect anyone to smuggle themselves into an impound yard, but there were plenty of ways to raise the alarm if they didn't want it...or if they did.
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<Holding Facility>

 Adrenaline was pumping so fast through Laya it made her heart thunder like never before. Well, not quite, she had been in dicky situations before this, but not always with a team she could rely on. In the past with her rather dubious 'friends' quite often she had to watch her back, because if loot was involved, it was more the case of every woman or man for themselves once they had breached security or taken down a few flimsy guards.

 Soft hide boots fell softly on the hard floor, a slight, very slight 'pad' noise that barely anyone would hear sounded as each small foot fell in pursuit of the ISB team, the EE-4 held firmly in her hand; though there was a voice in the back of her head telling her constantly not to rely on it. She trusted that voice. That team was fast, they were moving faster than she thought they might have with a prisoner, maybe they had a reason for it. In any case Laya was the first to reach a corner they had turned, she'd closed the gap with only twenty meters separating them. Pinning herself against the wall, she waited for Zhug and Sabe. "Six!" She whispered back to them. "Movin fast..." It was now or never really. Down on one knee, Laya sighted up the one of the rear guards first and fired. He dropped like a stone with the end result two forward guards pushed the prisoner to the ground then the rest began to return fire. "Damn!" Laya swore as she threw herself back against the nearest wall, a blaster shot passing her nose by a centimeter.
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<Impound Yard>

As they walked towards the craft Visas mused over their options, there were a few yet they were short on time. Blasting their way out could end up back where they started or worse, dead. They had to think on this and quickly. "Where are the controllers located do you know? I may be able to convince them face to face, you could pick me up later, as I doubt with my somewhat fuzzy abilities I could do much to sway them over the coms. Whatever we do, we need to do it fast, I can sense people approaching, not too near as yet but they are headed this way."
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<Holding Facility>

As the ISB team was escorting their prisoner down the hall, they were suddenly beset upon by blaster fire. As one of the Calipsa guards collapsed to the floor, the Stormtroopers moved to cover the agent and their prisoner. Zhug snapped up both of his blaster pistols and began firing as he rushed for the next piece of cover. A Stormtrooper was peppered with every single shot the Duros smuggler fired, his armor now scorched all along the torso before he finally fell and Zhug was behind cover. Sabe fired only once, and the other Calipsa guard fell to the ground as the bolt connected with his head.

The prisoner, spooked by all the action, shoved his ISB captor aside and began running away from the fighting, further into the complex.

"Deal with these interlopers! I'll ge..." The ISB agent started to say more but a bolt caught him in the shoulder, causing him to fall to the deck. The Stormtroopers opened fire once more to keep the Rebels pinned down. Sabe grit her teeth in frustration, that shot should not have gone so wide and yet she knew the EE-4 was not an accurate weapon. Zhug stuck both of his blasters around the corner he was hiding behind and let loose another torrent of fire, but this time found no marks, though he did force the troopers into cover. The ISB agent was already running down the hall, clutching at his shoulder, after the escaped prisoner.

<Impound Yard>

"Control tower is up there." Tobias pointed to the tower like observation deck situated in the middle of the hangar, situated in a position where it could oversee the yard. "Best bet, that's where they are. Should be a way out onto the roof from there too, I'll pick you up as I lift off. Then we go get the Cap'n."
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<Holding Facility>

 There were those times when the only recourse left to you was a stupid one, that in itself fairly much summed up most of Laya's existence as far as this type of operation went. Not that she had been involved in too much 'rescue' jobs, just the one and then that person wasn't all that keen on being 'rescued' either. Pretty much the way this deal was going down and that irritated her no end. They could be here exchanging shots with the guards all day and the end result might end up in them being dead anyway; it had to end and quickly, their window of leaving was going to close in on them very soon. "Cover me." She said harshly, not that it sounded that way from her.

 The one thing she had learned about her special 'gifts' was that some of the things she did needed a small amount of concentration, focus. For that she always carried something that in itself didn't amount to much, it was merely something for her to tune into. In this case it was a tiny ivory figurine of the Princess of Naboo, standing, holding a torch as it were, the symbol of truth. That didn't mean a lot to Laya either, although she had changed a lot in the last few years. Her eyes drifted upwards towards the ceiling above the guards, there wasn't much to work with, but maybe enough. Laya slipped quickly from her position, ducking two well aimed shots one of which nearly took her head off, she slid to within 5 meters of the guards just to be sure, then with a motion of her head, a portion of the ceiling came falling down on the ISB team, not killing them, but they weren't going anywhere in a hurry. A minute after that her hand fell on the shoulder of their quarry. "I'm Laya Emaalon, I'll be your savior today." She said ever so sweetly.
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<Impound Yard>

"I can feel it, their presence is quite solid." She went to move then paused. "If, if anything should go awry, do not wait for me Tobias as I will find my way. If I do not appear when you're aloft just go, somehow I'll catch up one way or the other. Do you understand?" She wouldn't move until they had an accord, Visas knew what she was doing though there was always the inevitable thing that could go wrong. "You need to trust me on this."
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<Holding Facility>

The ceiling falling had been quite unexpected. Not just for the Imperials but for Zhug and Sabe, as well as Myn Harik. As Laya approached Captain Harik, Sabe approached the fallen Imperials who were pinned under the durasteel plate, and proceeded to shoot each one of them in the head. Zhug searched one of the Calipsa guards and came up with a keycard. He walked midway down the hall and opened one of the doors, revealing the evidence lockup where their gear was all waiting.

"Over here!" Zhug called out, discarding his captured pistols for his chrome and ivory gripped DL-44s. Sabe was eager to discard her EE-4 for an E-11 and then recover her DLT-19x sniper rifle and A180 pistol. Once they were joined, Zhug handed over one of his DH-17s to Harik after undoing his cuffs.

"What's this about?" Harik asked, still confused and a bit scared.

"A jailbreak, laserbrain. Back to the lifts, we're heading to the rooftops." Zhug said.

"Where's the ISB agent?" Sabe asked.

"Who cares? Let's go." Zhug replied, leading the way to the turbolifts they came in on in the first place.
<Impound Yard>

"As you say. I'll leave you to it, then. Good luck." Tobias said and headed to get the Last Starshine prepped for launch.
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<Holding Facility>

 In the wake of what happened, Laya felt a moment of adrenaline rush, that thing that buoyed you up when every other bit of energy was drained from you. Yes she was untrained, she had heard the term used once before that she was a 'wilder', someone who could use this so called 'force' and generally those individuals were regarded as dangerous. She of course didn't believe a word of it, she still thought the Jedi were a legend, although the appearance of Visas soon changed her mind on that score. At the same time she was wondering when her luck would run out, sooner or later whoever that man was who seemed to be bent on finding her, was going to catch up and she had no idea what she would do then. Run again? She was tired of running.

 Gathering up her own blaster from the retrieved weapons, she fell into step with the others, headed for the rooftops. The excitement was starting to wane, but then she realized as she said it out a loud unintentionally they weren't free yet. "We can only hope Visas and Tobias did their part, t'other wise we be as dead as if them guards beat us down." A grim thought, she regretted the words leaving her lips as soon as it came out.
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<Impound Yard>

Using those built in senses her race carried, Visas weaved her way through the hangar virtually defying logic for someone to see this woman with the covered face, blind to the visual world, not bang her head on some protruding part of a ship or other unseen object that might have interfered with her progress. With those senses guiding her to the nearest life force, after traversing up several flights of stairs she was soon making her way along the platform to bring her outside the Control Tower door. Stopping for a mere moment, listening to some idle chatter within, two men complaining about their wives. Typical, she thought. They would be distracted for the time being, either facing one another or looking outside into the Yard; either way it didn't matter.

The only thing right now that could block her entry, was if there was by the worst chance a biometric sensor to open the door. Not that it'd hold her for too long, Visas didn't need that kind of delay, not now. Quickly running her gloved hand around the door frame, then either side of it, she found what she was looking for as obviously Calipsa hadn't changed in several thousand years, they were still as negligent as ever regarding security, thinking no one would dare to challenge them.

A small pad to the left side of the door only needed pressing for her to open it, it did so with a hiss of air. That action in itself alerted the two controllers forcing them both to swing around to see who it was invading their domain. Visas had already probed their minds to test if they were resistant in any way to her 'charms', finding them as weak as new born babes. Before either man could speak, she pressed upon them, knowing her influence for now was rather flimsy, the pair of them might well recover as soon as she left. "The light freighter Last Starshine needs clearance to depart, see to it please."

The look on the faces of both control men was that of confusion, if only for an instant. Somehow she had managed to convince them she was something else, a high lady of the House. Visas didn't have a lot of time, she knew the moment they gave that clearance, she'd have to either knock them out or worse.

"Yes my lady, immediately." The older of two told her, then transmitting the departure signal to the Starhsine, with a holographic message informing Tobias in the ship. When that time came he made his reply, that was the moment she 'had' to leave.

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<Holding Facility>

"Oh now that's not the spirit, kid. That's just quitter talk." Zhug commented, liberating himself an E-5C repeating blaster rifle just in case.

"Can we just get going already? We likely have several dozen guards on their way." Sabe demanded.

"Well then by all means, lady. Sheesh." Zhug replied. Sabe rolled her eyes and took the lead to the turbolifts, hitting the call button to summon one to them. She then waited rather impatiently by it once it arrived for everyone else to board. Zhug brought up the rear for the moment, leaving Myn to stay close to Laya.

"Captain, the Nomad is on its way to you now. But it wasn't exactly unnoticed..." Tobias said over the comms.

"She can handle it. Just get the other ship out of here now." Zhug said, "I hope you two know how to operate guns on a ship, we're going to have a bumpy ride out of here."

<Impound Yard>

As soon as he got the all clear, Tobias acknowledged it, and the Last Starshine lifted off. But at the same time, so did the Astral Nomad, as if the two ships were bound together through some unseen link.

The controllers were now confused and trying to figure out what to do, but their confusion not only gave Visas an escape opportunity, it meant that the two ships were free to go.

"The Nomad will wait for you by the roof, and then home in on the Cap'n. Just get on board and hang on. I'll see you back at the barn." Tobias said over the commlink. The Last Starshine made its way up into the traffic, getting lost in the buzz of the skies while the Astral Nomad dutifully waited with the ramp down for Visas on the roof, hovering just low enough for her to board quickly.
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<Holding Facility>

 "Ah be no quitter, jest cautious." Laya certainly wasn't, damned be if she'd still be free if she was; there were just those rare moments in a young woman's mind when a seed of doubt might creep in. As quickly as the conversation ended, she pushed those bad thoughts away, focusing on their mission; which now consisted of getting their captive away and free. "When we be havin some free time, ah can tell ya about the Last Luck, Jago's corvette. Guns ya say, more guns than was decent and we each had five to operate at a...." She trailed off realizing she was going to start babbling again. "Move it." She nudged Harik in the back for him to follow Sabe and Zhug, Laya bringing up the rear. Now was not the time to look back.
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<Impound Yard><Nomad>

All those years asleep had really done nothing to dull her skills, almost as if she were awake only yesterday before the end. Visas made a note to herself to write something down on the subject as surely in time others may want to study the effects of such a long term spell in stasis. "I'll be there." She replied quickly leaving the confused men behind her. Visas did of course ensure they had no recollection of her even being there just to be sure.

Up on the roof she could 'feel' the vista of Kamper, not the prettiest city in the galaxy, but then it wasn't that bad either. Such a pity really they were to leave so soon. A job was a job though, no arguing that. In the midst of her thoughts the Nomad appeared, she felt the rush of its engines before anything else. Knowing exactly where the ramp was she leaped aboard with her momentum taking her forward well inside. Now they only had to find the others. 
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The Astral Nomad duly followed the homing beacon on Zhug to where the group was just arriving, on the rooftop of the holding facility. Just as it did for Visas, the ship entered into a hover and lowered its ramp.

"C'mon, c'mon! They're not far behind, look!" Zhug said, pointing, but the howl in the distance was clear as day.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

A group of TIE Fighters, as well as the angular shaped Manta Assault Fighters used by the various Tapani factions, were already racing towards their position. Behind them, a squad of Calipsa guards were hot on their heels, firing their blasters wildly. Sabe spun around to backpedal and fire back at them with her E-11.

Inside, on the comms, a haughty sounding voice came over the comms.

"Unidentified transport, this is Kamper Control. You are ordered to stand down and surrender or you will be destroyed. This is your only warning."

Zhug clambered just halfway up the ramp before taking a knee and laying down suppressing fire with his heavy blaster rifle, blaster bolts spraying into the door behind the group to keep the Calipsa guards from advancing any further.

"Get on, one of you take the top guns, the other take the bottom. Harrik, you're with me in the cockpit. Shift it, c'mon!"
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<Holding Facility to Nomad>

 Not needing to be told in any uncertain way, Laya bounded up onto the ramp with a twisting rather weird approach almost as if she were airborne in her flight. As she was a meter or so from her feet touching hard metal, the blaster she had been given by Zhug barked out several times, taking down two of their pursuers with almost perfect head shots. It wasn't what she was aiming for of course, and the image of those hapless guards seered into her brain, it made her shiver yet she had no control over her instincts for survival.

 Still at the run, she said nothing, speeding up through the bowels of the ship to find an upper gun position as directed. She slammed into the seat fastening herself in, hands on the controls it felt so natural. The power up was felt right through her body and only just in time as the first screaming Tie fighter was lining up on the Nomad. Laya clipped the coms set on just as quickly, a second before the Ion cannon spat out from her hands more or less, splashing that craft in a violent explosion. The turret whirred around at her deft handling, this was of course the very same unit fitted to Jago's corvette and she had skills in that at least. Laya worked silently, she wasn't like some of her old crew who would whoop and holler every time they scored a hit; she was methodical in what she did. She lined up again, this time on one of the Manta fighters, her blasts missing three times as the pilot was able to jink around almost anticipating her moves; Laya had already worked that out by the time her fourth and fifth shots barked out, she aimed in front of the fighters trajectory, catching him in a cross angle that tore into his upper fuselage, almost breaking him in two. "Can we get out o here." She yelled over her coms.
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<Astral Nomad>

As good as she was Visas could very well be a liability in a gunners seat. Yes she can sense objects, people and her surroundings much like the sighted, though operating a gunnery system with those senses at speed was fraught with far too many obstacles and she wasn't about to even attempt it. "I'll go with you to the cockpit if you don't mind, I'd be of more value there than anywhere else." She was also unarmed, other than her powers which she wasn't about to go advertising at this present time either.  Visas left the ramp promptly at that point, heading forward.
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<Astral Nomad>

"Alright, c'mon up, let's go!" Zhug said, dropping the E-5c and clambering into the pilot's seat. He disengaged the autopilot and started blasting for the open skies while the TIEs and Mantas gave pursuit. Sabe bolted for the turret access ladder, dumping her gear on the deck and slid down the ladder to man the ventral guns.

Already they were down a TIE and Manta by the time Sabe got her bearings. Though she was a talented shot with a sniper rifle, her skill with the ship's gun turrets was less than impressive, as the Imperial and Calipsa fighters easily dodged the double blast of a crimson and a sapphire bolt that spat from the cannons every time she pressed the firing stud. But it did keep the fighters on their toes, as the streams of green bolts from the TIEs and red bolts from the Mantas were failing to connect as the Nomad weaved around the traffic lanes.

Up in the cockpit, Zhug gripped the controls tightly as he was trying to avoid both getting shot down and ramming some of the more lumbering ships in the skies around them.

"Ah karking hell, people, move!" Zhug shouted at the transports. A TIE Fighter was not so lucky and slammed into the bottom of one of the larger transports.

"Alright, as soon as we're clear, we need to jump out ASAP. Get the navicomputer to plot us a course so we can make the jump to lightspeed. And watch the shields, those Mantas have ion cannons." Zhug said, just as he suddenly rolled the ship hard to weave between two container freighters. The fighters were still in hot pursuit as the Nomad broke free of the atmosphere and was now in space, only to be met by a Nebulon-B frigate in Calpisa colors moving to block their path

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

"Oh. Oh yeah, that's bad. We need to leave. Now. Also, hang on!" Zhug said, pushing up the throttle to push the freighter even faster, closing the distance on the frigate. Green bolts were already starting to reach out from the ship as its turbolasers and laser cannons came to life, but were moving too slow to catch the speeding freighter.

"Closer?! Are you out of your mind?!" Myn shouted.

"Kurabass! I can't hit a thing with these guns!" Sabe growled, having not been able to score a single hit on any of the TIEs or Mantas. Worse, more Mantas were launching from the Nebulon-B to join the fray.
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<Astral Nomad>

'Thump, thump, thump!' Laya's gun were pumping out a melting stream of fire. If it missed something, she certainly did an excellent job in running up a screen of defensive fire just to be sure. The problem was she was getting over eager barely taking her fingers off the fire control to give the gun system a chance to reconfigure after each successive barrage. It could only sustain so much energy, if it wasn't the fire control system itself, something else was likely to go against her in the madness she had seemingly little influence over; it was the force and she had no idea what it was doing to her.

Then the inevitable happened. A loud crack just to her left below her feet, the acrid smell of something electrical blowing up, sparks showered her legs and when she looked down the main lead into the directional servo motor had fried. "I'm out!" She yelled over her coms. She could still fire but her turret was locked in a forward upwards position.
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<Astral Nomad>

"...I just replaced those things! I am sending that tech a very strongly worded message after this!" Zhug shouted, mostly at himself, at the news that one of the gun turrets just died.

"Hyperspace calculations are done. Can we go already?!" Myn pleaded.

The freighter executed a roll before zipping between the two sections of the frigate. Zhug then pulled the lever back and the stars reeled backwards until becoming a solid blue field and the Nomad was safely away to hyperspace.

"We're going to jump around a bit before we head to base. Why don't you all take a load off and kick back in the common area." Zhug said, waving towards the cockpit door.

Sabe was already waiting, glad to no longer be shooting something she couldn't hit anything with. Myn paced around for a moment before finally pointing at the three women.

"Just who the karking hell are you people?! I've seen Black Sun hit squads with more subtlety than you all." Myn finally demanded.

Sabe glanced between Visas and Laya to see who would handle this question.