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Title: Fact File - Sigma Base
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on September 12, 2017, 05:04:09 PM

Background: Sigma Base was built in the remains of a mining facility long abandoned on one of Pernella's moons. Pernella itself is located along a minor hyperlane route in the Freeworlds Territories, where law and order is only nominal. Smugglers and pirates often operate around Pernella and the other three "Ella" systems in the hyperlane, which makes it, oddly, a good hiding place, since it is also the last place that the Empire would look for a Rebel base despite being the first place they should have looked.

The base itself is lightly defended, instead relying heavily on a network of sensors around the moon to provide enough warning for the base's forces to react. It also boasts several hyperwave comm arrays to ensure that not only the base is hard to keep out of touch with the rest of the Alliance, but also grants the intelligence staff the ability to monitor communications in the sector for potential intelligence leads.

Embarked Forces:
x12 Z-95 Headhunter Space Superiority Fighters
x12 BTL-A4 Y-Wing Assault Fighters
x12 UT-60D U-Wing Utility Transports
x2 Zeta-class Cargo Ships
x1 YT-1000 Freighter Astral Nomad - Privately Owned
x1 Pelta-class Frigate Pathfinder
Title: Re: Fact File - Sigma Base
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on October 19, 2017, 03:04:08 PM
Embarked Craft


Z-95 Headhunter

A veteran of the Clone Wars and now used the galaxy over by nearly every fringe and paramilitary organization, the Z-95 is a fairly straightforward design that is well liked for being reliable and rugged. It is armed with a pair of laser cannons mounted on the wingtips, and a pair of concussion missile launchers in the nose, though aftermarket weapons packages allow for a pair of munitions pods to be mounted under each wing as well. It does sport shields, but they are fairly low powered, though this is still considered a significant edge over unshielded craft. Overall, the top speed and agility are respectable, though when compared to the TIE Fighter, the Z-95 does show its age, but unlike the TIE, it also has onboard life support and a hyperdrive.


BTL-A4 Y-Wing Assault Starfighter

Another veteran of the Clone Wars, the Y-Wing is employed by the Rebel Alliance as its primary strike bomber. The BTL-A4 model is the single seat version of the BTL-S3, the primary model. The benefit of this is that the BTL-A4 can also be used as a scout because it has a more robust sensor suite, but it means that the workload is split between the pilot and on-board astromech, reducing combat capabilities. The Y-Wing is armed with a pair of laser cannons and a pair of ion cannons, but on the S3, the ion cannons are turreted and controlled by the rear seated gunner, so on the A4, they are locked forward. It is also armed with a pair of proton torpedo launchers, which can be easily reconfigured to drop proton bombs instead. The armor and shields of the Y-Wing are legendarily robust, but the flip side is that the Y-Wing's own speed and agility are legendarily sluggish. This makes the Y-Wing poorly suited in a dogfight but the whole point of the Y-Wing is to hit heavy targets and capital ships rather than engage fighters. One key feature of the Y-Wing as well is that it is easily modifiable, making it entirely possible to revert the craft back to the S3 spec or to adapt it to other mission roles as needed.


UT-60D U-Wing Utility Transport

A hybrid troop transport and gunship, the U-Wing is intended to deliver troops into battle and then provide covering fire for them. It is crewed by 2 pilots and 2 gunners and can carry 8 personnel. The U-Wing is armed with a pair of forward facing laser cannons, and can be fitted with an array of heavy infantry weapons on either loading door, though the specific model is up to the mission profile and flight crew, but can include heavy repeating blasters, grenade launchers, or even infantry missile launchers. It is fairly well protected by good armor plating and a decent shield generator, and also makes use of a hyperdrive. The variable geometry S-Foils allow the ship to adapt to its situations better. When the wings are facing backwards, this increases the coverage area of the deflector shields and helps better disperse excess heat from the engines, but makes the U-Wing susceptible to atmospheric conditions, whereas the full forward position is favored in atmospheric flight conditions outside of combat in order to not leave the ship at the mercy of violent wind conditions or other atmospheric anomalies.


Zeta-class Cargo Shuttle

The Zeta-class is normally an Imperial cargo ship model, but many have ended up in the hands of the Alliance due to their proliferation. Based on the Lambda Shuttle, the Zeta Cargo Shuttle is intended to be adaptable for cargo and personnel ferrying between Imperial facilities. The adaptability comes from the lower deck cargo pod that can be detached for quick cargo delivery or in emergencies. The Zeta Cargo Shuttle is decently armed, with a pair of dual laser cannons on the forward wings, and three dual laser cannon turrets fitted to the hull. The flight crew is composed of a pilot and co-pilot.


YT-1000 Light Freighter Astral Nomad

The YT-1000 was launched by Corellian Engineering Corporation as an attempt to recapture the popularity of their Barloz Medium Freighters. As such, it set the tone for the future of the YT-series line, being easily modified but the base configuration being quite robust on its own as a freighter. It normally has a cargo capacity of 75 metric tons and a crew of 2, but the hyperdrive and engines are subpar for the class.

Captain Ensar Zhug, a Duros smuggler working with Nova Division, has since overhauled the Astral Nomad in a number of regards. The engines and hyperdrive were replaced with much more robust models, giving the ship a much higher top speed and a better hyperdrive rating, as well as including a host of hull mounted maneuvering thrusters to give the Nomad much better agility. Like all smugglers, Zhug overhauled the weapons as well, fitting the ventral and dorsal turrets with a "one-two" punch of a heavy laser cannon and an ion cannon, as well as a concealed E-WEB heavy repeating blaster mounted near the forward landing strut. The shields were improved, and the Nomad has a host of fake identification codes and a short-range comms jamming system. Nearly all of these modifications are illegal in Imperial space, but such is the life of a smuggler's ship.


Pelta-class Frigate Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is a Clone Wars-era Pelta Frigate that serves as a mobile command center for Nova Division. It has been modified with a small hangar module on the port side to carry 4 fighters and one transport, and intended to be as innocuous appearing as possible. However, it is fitted with an excellent sensor array and communications system, allowing the Pathfinder to keep in touch with friendly forces all over the Sector and to better anticipate its next move with remote scans and monitoring Imperial communications chatter. It is armed with four dual turbolaser cannons, four ion cannon turrets and 12 point defense quad laser cannons, but the Pathfinder is largely poorly suited for engaging enemy capital ships, and as such, has been refitted with a much more powerful hyperdrive with a faster activation time and better engines.