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Title: Mrlsst
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on October 19, 2017, 01:58:40 PM
Mrlsst is one of the major worlds of the Tapani League of Freeworlds. Located on the Shapani Bypass, Mrlsst is a moist and humid world, primarily made up of rainforests, marshes, and sandy swamps. It is also home of the Mrlssi race, a sapient flightless avian race, who are known to be quite curious and inquisitive in nature, but are not very adventurous either. One major point of interest is the Mrlsst Trade and Science Academy, which is regarded as not only the best university in the sector, but one of the top in the Galaxy. As Mrlsst is not only a major world because of its own assets, but also because it's one of the two entry points into the Tapani Sector (as well as that connected hyperlane leading to the all important bacta production world of Thyferra), it has a major Imperial garrison.
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Post by: Satre Pelles on October 19, 2017, 03:27:15 PM
By the time the Lambda Shuttle from the Kingslayer touched down on Mrlsst, it was nightfall, and rain was already starting to come down. The warehouse district was near the main spaceport, a large clearing of simple metal structures and shipping containers on top of a pad of duracrete. It seemed that the rainforest itself had no intention of interfering with the contents of the warehouses, as the trees were all around but none were within the district.

The team from the Kingslayer was greeted by a squad of Stormtroopers led by an officer with a blast vest on over his uniform. The pips on his chestplate indicated he was a Captain.

"Captain Arten Lassiter, Mrlsst Garrison. I have two squads setting up blocking positions, the target was spotted..." The Captain was interrupted by the arrival of a second squad, who wore unique looking armor. Their leader, whose armor was all black, removed his helmet as he approached.

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"Captain Sarkli, Dagger Squadron, Imperial Navy Commandos. You can stand down, my men will take it from here, Grand Admiral Zaarin's orders." Sarkli said, his voice full of force and with little room for argument. His gaze fixed on Satre for a moment, evidence of a sneer appearing before looking back to Captain Lassiter.

"Sir, I'm sorry but my orders come from Moff Kaine. We're to secure the area in support of..." Lassiter said but Sarkli cut him off with a glare. He then looked to Task Force 101, before fixing his gaze on Tak.

"While I appreciate the presence of an Inquisitor, sir, you and your entourage are not needed here. Moff Kaine is mistaken about the situation, this is an internal matter for Imperial Special Weapons Development Division." Sarkli said to Tak, only giving just enough respect in his tone to not be completely insubordinate.

"Director Krennic and Lord Vader both disagree on that matter, Captain." Satre said, her voice distorted by her helmet's voice modulator. Sarkli only glared at the Death Trooper in response, a gaze that if it could have been projected, he would have emitted turbolaser blasts. He then turned his gaze to back to Tak, as if he wanted a response only from the Inquisitor, and that Satre had spoken out of turn.

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Post by: Tak Imsen on October 19, 2017, 07:37:58 PM
 Imsen curled his fist, although his face showed a calm that was in total contrast to the cauldron boiling inside of him. For though this Sarkli did his best to apply the correct amount of respect for the Jedi master, it wasn't near enough. A reach for the force had an invisible fist wrapped around the captain's heart; he could be dead in a second. "Do not question our presence Captain, we are here to ensure orders are carried out and the person of interest is taken into secure custody. If you had done your job in the first place, we would not be here am I correct?" He squeezed a little harder with his mind before abruptly letting go. "Lieutenant Satre will take the lead, Captain Sarkli, you will lend support with your team." He left no wiggling room at all, not a gram.
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Post by: Satre Pelles on October 24, 2017, 09:19:56 PM
Sarkli clutched at his chest for a moment, and then fell to a knee, gasping for breath before nodding. Captain Lassiter took half a step backwards, as did his Stormtroopers. The Navy Commandos stepped forward but moved no further as Sarkli put out a hand as he stood up. Now it was Satre who was sneering, though hidden under her helmet.

"My apologies, m'lord, but this is a situation that Admiral Zaarin wants handled immediately, so I admit to a degree of being zealous in carrying out these orders. I will act with restraint in the future." Sarkli said, reluctantly.

"Resume your report, Captain Lassiter." Satre said. The garrison officer nodded.

"Yes, of course. The target is in the building with the red neon billboard, it's multistory, we believe he is on the top floor. I should point out that the destitute and rabble tend to make shanties on the rooftops of this area, so many of the rooftops are connected in some way or another." Lassiter explained, "I have men covering the ground on the most likely exit routes. Air traffic here has been restricted to Imperial craft only, fighters and ground batteries have orders to shoot down anyone who approaches or leaves."

Lassiter then pointed to a building that wasn't quite but almost was centrally located in the warehouse district, a collection of buildings that one could have been forgiven for mistaking them as storage facilities, but they were easily 10 stories high, if not higher.

"A direct breach seems to make the most sense. We can post our sniper on overwatch on one angle, position Captain Sarkli's men to keep intruders from coming in via the rooftops." Satre said.

"I will go with your sniper, since a position of overwatch would also allow me a good vantage point to coordinate my men on the ground." Lassiter added.

"Squad, on me. Let's go get positioned." Sarkli said, turning and taking his squad with him.

Satre took the lead to the building in question. Stormtroopers were scattered about, setting up barricades. The closest building overlooking the target building, Lassiter pointed it to Payne as a point to use for overwatch, an abandoned office building the same height as the target building. That left the others heading into a warehouse full of crates but little else and a freight lift in the back.

As they walked towards the lift, Satre's E-11D was up and sweeping, the attached light shining brightly into the dark corners of the warehouse. There were no occupants and the lift was clear.

The lift took them up to a loading bay just short of the top floor's main rooms. On the other side, visible to the overwatch team, Doctor Althzaria was milling about, seemingly unaware of what was coming for him. Satre approached the door and held up a hand.

"I have a couple options here. I have breaching charges and a couple of sonic grenades. Or we just go straight in. Or if there are other options, we explore those." Satre said.
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Post by: Tak Imsen on October 26, 2017, 08:02:36 PM
The look on his face was much like that of some savage beast after it had consumed a particularly delightful meal, a very delightful one, to the point he had to control the urge to lick his lips in a sign of conquest. The ego and boastful pride of the dark Jedi might definitely be his undoing one day. But until then he was who he was.

When all was said that could be, with the necessary formalities out of the way along with the little troop, they found their way to the specified area that Althzaria could be found. He was beginning to enjoy Satre's company, it appeared they had a few things in common in regard to their attitude towards those beneath them. A promotion was well on the way for her. "Simplicity Captain, subtlety is the key here. We don't want our target absconding again." Tak inspected the door, it didn't take him a moment to find the key pad, a moment after that with a deft touch of the power, it began to melt, with the result the door slid silently open. "Take him now." He was ready to subdue the man the instant he tried to flee.
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Post by: Trevyr Payne on November 02, 2017, 01:43:22 PM
Trevyr actually felt a sigh of relief as he was directed to take up position as sniper and over the unit as they gained entry. He wasn't sure how the hell he had gotten assigned to this unit, most of the other members WAY above his paygrade. But, now he could something that would allow him to be in his own element and still be assistance.

He made his way up to the roof of the office building that had been pointed out to him by Lassiter and set up his E-11s Sniper Rifle and looked down the scope, checking out the openings offered to him. He then toggled his comm. Comm to Team> "This Payne, in position and ready to give support."
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Post by: Satre Pelles on November 02, 2017, 09:28:34 PM
<Target Building>

Satre nodded to Tak, shouldering her E-11D and advanced into the room. The room was the result of a madman genius on the run making the maintenance area and storage room of a building's air system into his room and lab. A simple cot was set up, and the workbenches were covered in datapads and drawings.

Althzaria was at one of the benches, engrossed with one of the terminals. Satre lined up her weapon on him.

"Raise your hands, Doctor. Slowly." Satre demanded, her voice distorted but stern. Althzaria laughed but complied.

"Yes, yes. Can't trust me, can you?" He then stopped laughing and stood up, "No! NO! You are not them! GO AWAY! BEGONE!" He shouted angrily.

As if on cue, a flurry of activity suddenly occurred. First, a shield snapped up in the middle of the room, preventing Satre and anyone with her from advancing on the Doctor. The Doctor himself turned and began running for the door behind him, which slid open and a pair of armored thugs, one a reptilian Trandoshan and the other a Human, ushered him outside.

Before Satre could start to react, a massive Houk dropped from a roof hatch next to her and grabbed the Death Trooper with both hands, hurling her into the wall next to the door with enough force to crack the wall and rattle her teeth.

Fire erupted from the other buildings, catching the Stormtroopers in the streets off guard. Figures in combat gear over dock worker clothes took up perches and began firing well aimed shots. A few hit near Trevyr's position, but not aimed at the Scout Trooper, but rather at Captain Lassiter in the next room.

"This is Dagger Leader, we are pinned down. It's an ambush." Captain Sarkli's voice called out over the commlink.

"Aurek Squad is under sniper fire, request..." Another comm went out before being cut off as the speaker was killed.

"Besh Squad, fall back to Position Three. Fall...GRENADE..." The one was cut off in time with an explosive going off.
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Post by: Tak Imsen on November 12, 2017, 04:22:17 PM
Tak swore under his breath, harshly and in a language of hatred few even among the Imperials had heard. With a flick of a switch in his mind, the Houk went flying across the empty space between them and the force field to crash sickeningly against a protruding piece of metal that may have held something at one time. His temper wanted to destroy the entire building, out of sheer spite, then he would turn his attention to Mrlsst itself if it would do any good at all; he instinctively knew how futile that was.

Another distraction, another loss and one he could well do without. This was becoming more and more frustrating at every turn and he was determined to end it one way or the other. Taking the few steps over to Satre he spoke gruffly. "We're not going to lose him now, on your feet Lieutenant." He extended his hand, at the same time his mind, his senses and his eyes sought out the generator for the force field, he found it in a hidden corner of the ceiling, crushing it as if it were an insect, the field dropped. "Contact our support, or whatever remains of them, tell them to re-group in the alley behind this building, have our aerial back up take care of those snipers." If he lost a few now, he could easily have more sent down, lives were not being counted for the moment.
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Post by: Satre Pelles on November 21, 2017, 01:28:03 PM
Satre collected her E-11D and made her way straight over to the doorway, looking out at the scene. The rooftops were not too far from one another, only differing in height. The pain from the impact into the wall was already a distant memory, her cybernetics package having included an injector that released a combination of painkillers and adrenaline into her system, which was what gave Death Troopers the ability to seemingly shrug off injuries.

"Captain Lassiter, regroup your teams to the back alley." Satre said as she looked for a route to take, before spotting the renegade doctor and his escorts at the next building rushing into what looked like a house built on top of the roof. The snipers continued to rain fire onto the streets, but no further fire was hitting the overwatch position. But Captain Lassiter was not responding to comms, either.

"Kingslayer Two to Mrlsst Air Control, requesting air support." Satre said next, hopping frequencies.

"Dagger One, belay that request. We just spotted two transports at the edge of the perimeter, we need them taken out now." Sarkli barked in response.

"This is Zeta Leader, our priority is on transports, we are coming in now." Another voice said, before the stormy night skies were filled with the sounds of a TIE Fighter formation roaring overhead. Their twin laser cannons screeched to life as dual emerald bolts began slamming into the ground in the distance, and an explosion billowed upwards from a transport exploding. A missile then streaked up from one of the buildings, a plume of blue and smoke, striking one of the trailing TIE Fighters and sending it spiraling into the jungle.

"This way!" Satre called out, pointing to the rooftop across from her, storming down slab of plexisteel that was laid between the buildings, likely some discarded roofing material. As her boots hit the other roof, the roof stairwell opened and men in dock worker's gear under combat gear stormed out. Never ceasing her movements, the Death Trooper continued moving towards the shanty house but raised her blaster rifle and opened fire, dropping the first two. She bounded to the cover of a ventilation unit as blaster bolts continued to fly around her. She went to one of the pouches hanging from her armor and pulled free a cylindrical device. Thumbing the red activation stud, she hurled it over her shoulder to skitter to a halt on the roof near the attacking squad.

The device exploded in a wave of seemingly harmless fire that passed by the entire squad before being pulled back into the grenade, and then a much more brilliant shockwave resonated outwards, turning the attacking squad into a mass of flying screaming bodies that were on their way to the streets below. Satre came back up with her carbine at the ready just in case, but there were no enemies remaining on this rooftop. She looked to Tak.

"As I said before. Creative methods of elimination. The Naval Commandos have repurposed our air support, and Captain Lassiter is not responding. I believe that we will continue running into ambushes until the Doctor gets where he intends to go, this seems to have been a planned evacuation plan. We need to disrupt that plan. Sarkli vectored our TIEs onto transports, and those are likely dummies. The real escape vehicle is likely hidden, as anyone with half a brain knows the Mrlsst Garrison is sizeable. We should look for that and plan accordingly." The Death Trooper said.
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Tak could only but agree as for right now there was little else they could do but keep up both the pressure and the pursuit without relent. The whole affair was rapidly turning into a disaster, Tak wasn't about to allow that to happen. "No vessel leaves this planet without being boarded, even our own." He shouted angrily as he sought out a way to stop this insanity with his reaching out for the force. If there was  way to bring this madman down, he would find it quickly.

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Post by: Satre Pelles on December 05, 2017, 09:34:38 PM
Satre slung her E-11D and collected one of the discarded weapons, a DLT-19 repeating blaster rifle, before rushing over to a wire connecting this building with one 15 meters away from them. Using the collected rifle, she ziplined across onto the next rooftop on her path.

"Kingslayer Two to Aurek and Besh Squads. Regroup your forces and push on the waypoint I'm sending you." She said as soon as she dropped onto the rooftop, using her HUD to ping a warehouse at the opposite end of the district. If one wanted to hide transports here, it was a good place to start.

"Aurek Five copies. Moving now."

"Besh Seven, understood. Moving."

A pair of attackers suddenly landed next to her, both wearing jetpacks. Satre tackled the one to her left, pinning the Human female with a forearm across her neck, and then drew her sidearm, an SE-14r and unloaded a burst of crimson bolts into the woman's compatriot, a Twi'lek male.

The woman under her grip twisted and struggled, trying to gasp out something defiant, but was cut short when the warm barrel of the pistol was put to her head and fired. As soon as Tak arrived, Satre removed the jetpacks from both of the attackers.

"That warehouse seems to be our best bet, and these fools gave us a means to get there much more swiftly. The troopers can secure whatever is inside, but I'm of the opinion we set our own ambush. I have plenty of explosives still to do so with." Satre said.
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He wasn't about to let their quarry get away this time, it would look bad on his record for a start, not to mention how displeased the Emperor would be with him, Tak was as the ancient saying went 'skating on thin ice' as it were in Palpatine eyes. They had an advantage now though, the enemy was starting to become quite sloppy, making mistakes with every engagement with Satre and he now having one small tool that could change the entire pursuit. "Well done Lieutenant, remind me to ensure you're up for promotion by the time we return. Now, since these fools have handed us a little gift in their laxness, we'll make good use of it."

Several minutes later they were airborne, over the rooftop heading for the warehouse. There were several defensive positions set up, easily taken care of by the Dark Jedi. "Make the call." He shouted over to her. "Choose where we are best fit to descend, somewhere we can make a relatively noiseless entry." There were several options, but as the tactician, he'd leave that up to her.
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Post by: Satre Pelles on December 20, 2017, 01:31:22 AM
A scaffolding bridge from one of the warehouses to the target building presented itself as an ideal ambush point. Whoever was playing the part of the defending party had a pair of repeating blasters covering it, just in case they were pursued. In fact, the Death Trooper mused, it was entirely likely that had they kept up their pursuit normally, those blasters would have cut her down. That was slightly irritating to think of.

"They have repeating blasters set up in makeshift sniper nests there next to that scaffolding bridge. That's where we can make our play, sir." Satre said. Touching down on the roof behind the firing positions, Satre pointed to herself and to one of the posts and then to the other and then the Inquisitor. She set off in a crouch to the gunner, a Human male, and struck quickly by first kicking his knee to drop him down and then snapped his neck. Once the other gunner was dealt with, Satre regrouped with the Inquisitor.

"We can ambush them here, where they will be at their most relaxed. I'll set up sonic charges to disorient them when they attempt to enter the building. I suspect that toppling this bridge would be within the realm of possibilities with your abilities. Once they're across and stunned by the sonic charges, they'll have nowhere to run. The troopers can deal with the rabble inside. Hopefully Captain Sarkli is at least keeping their forces preoccupied." Satre said.
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Post by: Tak Imsen on January 02, 2018, 06:20:28 PM
Without a doubt Tak had to concede he had been thrust into good company with the Lieutenant, so far she'd not put a foot wrong, even if they had lost the objective once or twice he felt strongly they still had the upper hand so far. There wasn't too much science involved in what they were doing, indeed what Satre was putting forward, as he said earlier, keep it simple and that was a policy he found paid dividends in the end.

So here he found them now balanced up above the ground hanging onto a slim purchase that the scaffolding afforded them. It was a good thing he had a head for heights, it'd make anyone dizzy just looking down below. "That certainly is something we can catch them out with and we won't have long to wait either." He didn't make any undue movements, Tak only had to nod in the direction the enemy began to make an appearance. "Wait for the last to cross the bridge, they should group up as they near this end." He whispered to her.
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Post by: Satre Pelles on January 08, 2018, 06:32:45 PM
As soon as the good doctor and his entourage were about to reach what they though was the safety of the hangar, Satre set off her sonic charges. The shockwave not only disoriented them, it distorted their vision and hearing, making it hard to respond. The Death Trooper sprung into action as soon as the scaffolding bridge was toppled, shooting the bodyguards with her E-11D and then rifle whipped the target in the back to knock him to a knee. He dropped a small blaster pistol, which she kicked aside and then went to haul him to his feet, holding the man by his neck, putting herself between the doctor and the door.

"Doctor Killric Althzaria, for your crimes against the Galactic Empire, you are hereby under arrest. And if you want to resist some more, by all means, Doctor." Satre said, pushing to hold the man near the edge. Her voice returned to being twisted and distorted, nothing to give any idea who was under the black armor.

"Hahahahaha. Empire. You all say that but you're out for yourselves. Just after my precious work. Hahaha." Althzaria said with insane giggling.

"...your work, but your life is not nearly as vital." Satre replied.
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Post by: Tak Imsen on January 10, 2018, 04:35:30 PM
Such a pity the woman wasn't force sensitive Tak thought, she'd make an ideal candidate for a program he had been working on, all in his mind of course, a program that would alter the balance between the Emperor and Vada. Of course he knew it would never see the light of day, if either of them got wind of it, he'd be dead very quickly. No, it was better to keep things like that to ones self, although he still had hopes that if it were possible for him to get close enough to Jago's granddaughter, he was certain he could turn her. Another long shot on his wish list, Imsen was loyal to the Empire, not personalities and he felt strongly that both Jedi, Vada and Palpatine would be instrumental in the undoing of the Empire.

Clearing his head of his reverie, the lingering echo of the sonic blast helped there as well, Tak left his position to stand beside the hapless mad scientist and Pelles. With a thick index finger he prodded the man's temple. "We only need you conscious Althzaria, barely alive even, to extract what is in there. You know that. It will be far less painful for you to cooperate willingly." To emphasize his words, Imsen sent a shock of pain into the man's skull, not much, but enough to let him know where he stood.
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Post by: Satre Pelles on January 16, 2018, 09:18:50 PM
The Death Trooper kept her focus on the man in her grip, but despite the shock he had just recieved, Doctor Althzaria just seemed to get even more intense with his insane giggling.

"Nnngh....know you have me but won't let you keep me...yes, yes, you are helping them. Hehehehe." Althzaria giggled again, before getting very serious, "A dark winter is coming, and you cannot stop it."

"Maybe, but we'll endure it." Satre said.

"Dagger One, we're closing on your position now. Status report." Captain Sarkli said over comms.

"Kingslayer Two, we..." Before Satre could finish her sentence, a single blaster bolt rang out and bored into Althzaria's head, killing him instantly. The force of the impact was a bit more than Satre could put on her hand and she was forced to drop his body onto the street below.

"Sniper spotted, engaging." Sarkli said, as his men came into view over the opposite rooftop. They leveled their weapons on the balcony across from where the shot rang out and and opened fire, demolishing the balcony under a hail of blaster fire.

"Continue your report."

" is eliminated. Is the site secured?" Satre asked.

"More troops from the garrison are arriving. Doctor Althzaria's death is unfortunate...but an acceptable loss. I'll inform Admiral Zarin of your support here today. Your shuttle is cleared to pick you up." Sarkli said. Satre turned to Tak.

"We have his files, that should tell us enough. Hopefully, the bodies here will fill in the gaps to whomever was interested in that lunatic's work." Satre said.
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Post by: Tak Imsen on January 28, 2018, 06:42:57 PM
To Imsen it was inevitable, an outcome he all but expected given the circumstances and the area of operations he really couldn't have not seen it coming. Still it grated him, badly. To have the man in his grasp then to lose him so quickly burned a hole in his soul; if he had one of course, which he didn't.

"It'll be enough, we'll take his carcass as well. I may be able to extract something from any residue energies left in his system, though it won't be much, it will give us a little more insight." He looked up above them, now it was time to fill in a lot more gaps, fortunately he won't have to answer to Vader on this one. "It's time to go. Mark this place for a little retribution later on, just to let them know where they stand." If it were up to him, he'd vaporize the city the moment they were back on the ship.

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Post by: Satre Pelles on January 30, 2018, 01:44:22 PM
Overhead, the Lambda they arrived in was swooping over to find a landing zone closer to them. Satre led the way, first into the warehouse that they had been standing on top of the entire time. Inside were speeder bikes and a landspeeder, the latter seemingly modified with armor and larger engines. They likely had a transport waiting somewhere else, but that was at least smart of them to know not to take off in an area where TIE Fighters were circling like vultures.

"I hope we don't cross paths with Sarkli again. He was an awful lot of talk for generating minimal results, just a factor that caused more harm than good. I can't tell if he's that incompetent or if he had an ulterior motive. Many commandos don't approve of Death Troopers, so it could also be his ego got in the way of efficiency." Satre commented while they were alone, heading through the warehouse.

"Our opposition here, they were well practiced in their execution of their evacuation plan. Had we not been here, it's likely Althzaria would have escaped. Perhaps the data recovery teams will be able to find something of value as to who we were dealing with. If they're this organized, then we might have a more serious issue on our hands than a babbling lunatic." The Death Trooper added.
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Post by: Tak Imsen on February 04, 2018, 06:03:39 PM
"We sent them to ground for the time being, they will I am sure, surface again. When they do even if they expect us to be watching their every move with them thinking they are anticipating us to go for them once more, we will allow them a little freedom in the short term, let them build up a degree of confidence." A flourish of his hands were thrown up for emphasis pertaining to his next statement. "When that happens we will strike hard and swiftly, there will be no mistakes next time.

Glancing over at where they had returned to Tak used his senses and eyes to see if anything was missed, a small remnant of a chip lay on the floor from one of the fried consoles, not much but it certainly could yield results once dissected back on the ship. Tak snatched that up, stuffing it away in a pouch beneath his cloak. "You and I both know Satre we already have a serious situation upon us. That Lunatic as you rightly described him left a trail as long as the Corvellian cortex behind him, how many others have picked up the pieces is no ones guess and as for our opposition, they will not last that long." There was nothing more to be done for the time being, at least not by either of them. "We should return to the ship for now, we can use what time we have to decide our next moves."
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Post by: Satre Pelles on February 09, 2018, 01:12:50 AM
As the two stepped outside, APCs were arriving from the garrison with even more Stormtroopers. It was entirely possible at this point that there were still attackers alive, and so doctrine made it clear to conduct a full sweep of the area. Everything would be recovered and studied, with the data files to be transferred to the Kingslayer, as well as Imperial Intelligence and the ISB.

Satre waited by the ramp of the Lambda to allow Tak to board first before following him onto the craft. The shuttle lifted off and headed straight for the Kingslayer as it hung in orbit.

<<To Task Force Squad Bay>>