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Tallaan Garrison / Fact File - Imperial Tapani Forces
« Last post by Cipherhornet18 on January 16, 2018, 10:02:48 PM »
Ranking Officers:

Moff Ardus Kaine

Moff Ardus Kaine is the overseeing sector governor of Oversector 20, which is the Oversector that the Tapani Sector belongs to. He is a cold and efficient man, who has supported Emperor Palpatine since his rise to power as Chancellor. Because of the nature of the Tapani Sector and his personal desire to remain closely involved with the Empire's leadership, Moff Kaine is only seen in the sector for important reasons. Overall, he tends to let his military commanders handle matters. Oversector 20 is under the jurisdiction of 20th Fleet, under the command of Tapani native and former nobleman Grand Admiral Octavian Grant. 20th Fleet is typically deployed for anti-piracy raids around the lawless system of Abregado-rae and on patrols around the bacta producing world of Thyferra. The Tapani Sector Fleet is considered a semi-autonomous unit in 20th Fleet's organization.

General Tessala Corvae

General Corvae is the commanding officer of the 1st Tapani Assault Battlegroup, the Imperial Army's presence in the Tapani Sector. Absolutely loyal to the Empire, Tessala Corvae is noted as being a skillful commander in the use and deployment of armored units, while also keeping herself physically fit and her combat skills honed. She is a consummate professional who expects the best from her subordinates, but does not ask of them what she will not do herself.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Admiral Teren Rogriss

Admiral Rogriss is respected for not only his intuition and affinity with tactics, but also for being a rarity in the Admiralty; a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously. He believes truly in the mission of the Empire to bring order and stability to the galaxy, and seeks only to advance the Empire’s interests, not his own. He is also noted as being an extremely honorable man, and has gained popularity in the Tapani courts for honoring any commitments he makes, even if it is in conflict with the Empire’s interests. Admiral Rogriss’ current flagship is the Imperial-I Star Destroyer Agonizer, and he has split his forces into three groups.
House Calipsa Space / Re: Kamper
« Last post by Sabe Baize on January 16, 2018, 09:36:44 PM »
<Holding Facility>

"Oh now that's not the spirit, kid. That's just quitter talk." Zhug commented, liberating himself an E-5C repeating blaster rifle just in case.

"Can we just get going already? We likely have several dozen guards on their way." Sabe demanded.

"Well then by all means, lady. Sheesh." Zhug replied. Sabe rolled her eyes and took the lead to the turbolifts, hitting the call button to summon one to them. She then waited rather impatiently by it once it arrived for everyone else to board. Zhug brought up the rear for the moment, leaving Myn to stay close to Laya.

"Captain, the Nomad is on its way to you now. But it wasn't exactly unnoticed..." Tobias said over the comms.

"She can handle it. Just get the other ship out of here now." Zhug said, "I hope you two know how to operate guns on a ship, we're going to have a bumpy ride out of here."

<Impound Yard>

As soon as he got the all clear, Tobias acknowledged it, and the Last Starshine lifted off. But at the same time, so did the Astral Nomad, as if the two ships were bound together through some unseen link.

The controllers were now confused and trying to figure out what to do, but their confusion not only gave Visas an escape opportunity, it meant that the two ships were free to go.

"The Nomad will wait for you by the roof, and then home in on the Cap'n. Just get on board and hang on. I'll see you back at the barn." Tobias said over the commlink. The Last Starshine made its way up into the traffic, getting lost in the buzz of the skies while the Astral Nomad dutifully waited with the ramp down for Visas on the roof, hovering just low enough for her to board quickly.
League of Freeworlds Space / Re: Mrlsst
« Last post by Satre Pelles on January 16, 2018, 09:18:50 PM »
The Death Trooper kept her focus on the man in her grip, but despite the shock he had just recieved, Doctor Althzaria just seemed to get even more intense with his insane giggling.

"Nnngh....know you have me but won't let you keep me...yes, yes, you are helping them. Hehehehe." Althzaria giggled again, before getting very serious, "A dark winter is coming, and you cannot stop it."

"Maybe, but we'll endure it." Satre said.

"Dagger One, we're closing on your position now. Status report." Captain Sarkli said over comms.

"Kingslayer Two, we..." Before Satre could finish her sentence, a single blaster bolt rang out and bored into Althzaria's head, killing him instantly. The force of the impact was a bit more than Satre could put on her hand and she was forced to drop his body onto the street below.

"Sniper spotted, engaging." Sarkli said, as his men came into view over the opposite rooftop. They leveled their weapons on the balcony across from where the shot rang out and and opened fire, demolishing the balcony under a hail of blaster fire.

"Continue your report."

" is eliminated. Is the site secured?" Satre asked.

"More troops from the garrison are arriving. Doctor Althzaria's death is unfortunate...but an acceptable loss. I'll inform Admiral Zarin of your support here today. Your shuttle is cleared to pick you up." Sarkli said. Satre turned to Tak.

"We have his files, that should tell us enough. Hopefully, the bodies here will fill in the gaps to whomever was interested in that lunatic's work." Satre said.
News & Information / Re: News & Information
« Last post by Cipherhornet18 on January 14, 2018, 11:34:51 PM »

Effectively, it's been brought to my attention that the policy of separating OCs and timelines is an unpopular one. As such, that will not go into effect.


We are not going to start crossing paths until we get more players and we get the setting more established. There's still a lot of plot work to lay down and I'm not comfortable with GM'ing these encounters yet. That's the best I can do right now.
House Calipsa Space / Re: Kamper
« Last post by Visas Marr on January 10, 2018, 06:37:02 PM »
<Impound Yard>

Using those built in senses her race carried, Visas weaved her way through the hangar virtually defying logic for someone to see this woman with the covered face, blind to the visual world, not bang her head on some protruding part of a ship or other unseen object that might have interfered with her progress. With those senses guiding her to the nearest life force, after traversing up several flights of stairs she was soon making her way along the platform to bring her outside the Control Tower door. Stopping for a mere moment, listening to some idle chatter within, two men complaining about their wives. Typical, she thought. They would be distracted for the time being, either facing one another or looking outside into the Yard; either way it didn't matter.

The only thing right now that could block her entry, was if there was by the worst chance a biometric sensor to open the door. Not that it'd hold her for too long, Visas didn't need that kind of delay, not now. Quickly running her gloved hand around the door frame, then either side of it, she found what she was looking for as obviously Calipsa hadn't changed in several thousand years, they were still as negligent as ever regarding security, thinking no one would dare to challenge them.

A small pad to the left side of the door only needed pressing for her to open it, it did so with a hiss of air. That action in itself alerted the two controllers forcing them both to swing around to see who it was invading their domain. Visas had already probed their minds to test if they were resistant in any way to her 'charms', finding them as weak as new born babes. Before either man could speak, she pressed upon them, knowing her influence for now was rather flimsy, the pair of them might well recover as soon as she left. "The light freighter Last Starshine needs clearance to depart, see to it please."

The look on the faces of both control men was that of confusion, if only for an instant. Somehow she had managed to convince them she was something else, a high lady of the House. Visas didn't have a lot of time, she knew the moment they gave that clearance, she'd have to either knock them out or worse.

"Yes my lady, immediately." The older of two told her, then transmitting the departure signal to the Starhsine, with a holographic message informing Tobias in the ship. When that time came he made his reply, that was the moment she 'had' to leave.

League of Freeworlds Space / Re: Mrlsst
« Last post by Tak Imsen on January 10, 2018, 04:35:30 PM »
Such a pity the woman wasn't force sensitive Tak thought, she'd make an ideal candidate for a program he had been working on, all in his mind of course, a program that would alter the balance between the Emperor and Vada. Of course he knew it would never see the light of day, if either of them got wind of it, he'd be dead very quickly. No, it was better to keep things like that to ones self, although he still had hopes that if it were possible for him to get close enough to Jago's granddaughter, he was certain he could turn her. Another long shot on his wish list, Imsen was loyal to the Empire, not personalities and he felt strongly that both Jedi, Vada and Palpatine would be instrumental in the undoing of the Empire.

Clearing his head of his reverie, the lingering echo of the sonic blast helped there as well, Tak left his position to stand beside the hapless mad scientist and Pelles. With a thick index finger he prodded the man's temple. "We only need you conscious Althzaria, barely alive even, to extract what is in there. You know that. It will be far less painful for you to cooperate willingly." To emphasize his words, Imsen sent a shock of pain into the man's skull, not much, but enough to let him know where he stood.
House Calipsa Space / Re: Kamper
« Last post by Asalaya Emaalon on January 08, 2018, 08:32:25 PM »
<Holding Facility>

 In the wake of what happened, Laya felt a moment of adrenaline rush, that thing that buoyed you up when every other bit of energy was drained from you. Yes she was untrained, she had heard the term used once before that she was a 'wilder', someone who could use this so called 'force' and generally those individuals were regarded as dangerous. She of course didn't believe a word of it, she still thought the Jedi were a legend, although the appearance of Visas soon changed her mind on that score. At the same time she was wondering when her luck would run out, sooner or later whoever that man was who seemed to be bent on finding her, was going to catch up and she had no idea what she would do then. Run again? She was tired of running.

 Gathering up her own blaster from the retrieved weapons, she fell into step with the others, headed for the rooftops. The excitement was starting to wane, but then she realized as she said it out a loud unintentionally they weren't free yet. "We can only hope Visas and Tobias did their part, t'other wise we be as dead as if them guards beat us down." A grim thought, she regretted the words leaving her lips as soon as it came out.
League of Freeworlds Space / Re: Mrlsst
« Last post by Satre Pelles on January 08, 2018, 06:32:45 PM »
As soon as the good doctor and his entourage were about to reach what they though was the safety of the hangar, Satre set off her sonic charges. The shockwave not only disoriented them, it distorted their vision and hearing, making it hard to respond. The Death Trooper sprung into action as soon as the scaffolding bridge was toppled, shooting the bodyguards with her E-11D and then rifle whipped the target in the back to knock him to a knee. He dropped a small blaster pistol, which she kicked aside and then went to haul him to his feet, holding the man by his neck, putting herself between the doctor and the door.

"Doctor Killric Althzaria, for your crimes against the Galactic Empire, you are hereby under arrest. And if you want to resist some more, by all means, Doctor." Satre said, pushing to hold the man near the edge. Her voice returned to being twisted and distorted, nothing to give any idea who was under the black armor.

"Hahahahaha. Empire. You all say that but you're out for yourselves. Just after my precious work. Hahaha." Althzaria said with insane giggling.

"...your work, but your life is not nearly as vital." Satre replied.
House Calipsa Space / Re: Kamper
« Last post by Sabe Baize on January 08, 2018, 06:23:49 PM »
<Holding Facility>

The ceiling falling had been quite unexpected. Not just for the Imperials but for Zhug and Sabe, as well as Myn Harik. As Laya approached Captain Harik, Sabe approached the fallen Imperials who were pinned under the durasteel plate, and proceeded to shoot each one of them in the head. Zhug searched one of the Calipsa guards and came up with a keycard. He walked midway down the hall and opened one of the doors, revealing the evidence lockup where their gear was all waiting.

"Over here!" Zhug called out, discarding his captured pistols for his chrome and ivory gripped DL-44s. Sabe was eager to discard her EE-4 for an E-11 and then recover her DLT-19x sniper rifle and A180 pistol. Once they were joined, Zhug handed over one of his DH-17s to Harik after undoing his cuffs.

"What's this about?" Harik asked, still confused and a bit scared.

"A jailbreak, laserbrain. Back to the lifts, we're heading to the rooftops." Zhug said.

"Where's the ISB agent?" Sabe asked.

"Who cares? Let's go." Zhug replied, leading the way to the turbolifts they came in on in the first place.
<Impound Yard>

"As you say. I'll leave you to it, then. Good luck." Tobias said and headed to get the Last Starshine prepped for launch.
News & Information / News & Information
« Last post by Cipherhornet18 on January 08, 2018, 03:26:33 PM »

Hello All,

So, the current status of the board is thus; we've got a great start but we're short on people. The good news is that we're expecting a few more and there is an effort underway to create some sort of alliance with my old group, the Rebel Squadrons. This is probably going to be just a long term problem, I've seen that only the most established groups tend to have larger communities. Which is fine, I don't mind a smaller size as long as we're all active and participating then the story will continue to grow. We have to remember that this group is still less than a year old.

I've been working since this board went up on the background plots, to lay out stories for both sides to undertake, as well as quantifying the various forces in the area. This is to prevent a situation where it seems like a faction is just pulling Star Destroyers and TIE Defenders out of their backside while also keeping everything in its place and in line. With the release of Battlefront II and The Last Jedi, I also have more material to work with for technology, so I will be revamping the blaster armory and starting work on a codex for ships. This will likely take some time but I'll start sooner rather than later. As always, if something from Legends isn't directly contradicted by Canon, it may appear here, and that remains my canon policy for requests.

I am looking over a couple issues here that I'm going to open up for debate. So, here goes;

#1 - Fate of the Privateers: This isn't the first faction to end up on the chopping block, as the Black Talons were the first to go after we transitioned over. The idea with the Privateers was to create a place for the scoundrels of the galaxy, types like Han Solo, Boba Fett, Lando Calrissian or Cad Bane. They do have a rough draft of a plot arc, but I've noticed that people gravitate almost exclusively for the Rebels or Imperials. As a result, I am planning to just remove that as an option, but if there is a revival of interest, I can see bringing them back or keeping them around.

#2 - Complete separation of timelines - So, as we know, the policy here is that there is no cross-faction interaction between PCs. There are just way too many issues I see cropping up so that had to be put into place. However, as I've begun working on these plot arcs, I've realized that the events happening together may be a bit difficult, especially at certain points. So what I'm considering is that the Imperials and Rebels will exist in separate timelines. This basically means that whatever one faction and one plot arc does will not affect the other side and vice versa. Considering that PCs are already never going to interact with their counterparts in the opposite faction, it's only natural.

While I know there are those who are amped up to play in the Sequel Trilogy setting, and more than a few who want to play in the Clone Wars, that is not something I'm ready to look into quite yet. First of all, we need to have more people, plain and simple. Secondly, there is still so little that has been explained about the Sequel Trilogy that we can take a shot in the dark but likely it'd be wrong when Episode IX comes out in 2019. The Clone Wars has plenty of material but I'd need enough interest to even consider it, and there are other issues that I personally have on the matter. However, I will say that if we get more established, we can enter into discussions on both. For the time being, I think this setting is our best bet.

As always, my door is always open, so feel free to contact me about anything here or on the board in general.
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