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Re: Mrlsst
« Reply #15 on: January 10, 2018, 04:35:30 PM »
Such a pity the woman wasn't force sensitive Tak thought, she'd make an ideal candidate for a program he had been working on, all in his mind of course, a program that would alter the balance between the Emperor and Vada. Of course he knew it would never see the light of day, if either of them got wind of it, he'd be dead very quickly. No, it was better to keep things like that to ones self, although he still had hopes that if it were possible for him to get close enough to Jago's granddaughter, he was certain he could turn her. Another long shot on his wish list, Imsen was loyal to the Empire, not personalities and he felt strongly that both Jedi, Vada and Palpatine would be instrumental in the undoing of the Empire.

Clearing his head of his reverie, the lingering echo of the sonic blast helped there as well, Tak left his position to stand beside the hapless mad scientist and Pelles. With a thick index finger he prodded the man's temple. "We only need you conscious Althzaria, barely alive even, to extract what is in there. You know that. It will be far less painful for you to cooperate willingly." To emphasize his words, Imsen sent a shock of pain into the man's skull, not much, but enough to let him know where he stood.

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Re: Mrlsst
« Reply #16 on: January 16, 2018, 09:18:50 PM »
The Death Trooper kept her focus on the man in her grip, but despite the shock he had just recieved, Doctor Althzaria just seemed to get even more intense with his insane giggling.

"Nnngh....know you have me but won't let you keep me...yes, yes, you are helping them. Hehehehe." Althzaria giggled again, before getting very serious, "A dark winter is coming, and you cannot stop it."

"Maybe, but we'll endure it." Satre said.

"Dagger One, we're closing on your position now. Status report." Captain Sarkli said over comms.

"Kingslayer Two, we..." Before Satre could finish her sentence, a single blaster bolt rang out and bored into Althzaria's head, killing him instantly. The force of the impact was a bit more than Satre could put on her hand and she was forced to drop his body onto the street below.

"Sniper spotted, engaging." Sarkli said, as his men came into view over the opposite rooftop. They leveled their weapons on the balcony across from where the shot rang out and and opened fire, demolishing the balcony under a hail of blaster fire.

"Continue your report."

" is eliminated. Is the site secured?" Satre asked.

"More troops from the garrison are arriving. Doctor Althzaria's death is unfortunate...but an acceptable loss. I'll inform Admiral Zarin of your support here today. Your shuttle is cleared to pick you up." Sarkli said. Satre turned to Tak.

"We have his files, that should tell us enough. Hopefully, the bodies here will fill in the gaps to whomever was interested in that lunatic's work." Satre said.