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<Impound Yard>

Using those built in senses her race carried, Visas weaved her way through the hangar virtually defying logic for someone to see this woman with the covered face, blind to the visual world, not bang her head on some protruding part of a ship or other unseen object that might have interfered with her progress. With those senses guiding her to the nearest life force, after traversing up several flights of stairs she was soon making her way along the platform to bring her outside the Control Tower door. Stopping for a mere moment, listening to some idle chatter within, two men complaining about their wives. Typical, she thought. They would be distracted for the time being, either facing one another or looking outside into the Yard; either way it didn't matter.

The only thing right now that could block her entry, was if there was by the worst chance a biometric sensor to open the door. Not that it'd hold her for too long, Visas didn't need that kind of delay, not now. Quickly running her gloved hand around the door frame, then either side of it, she found what she was looking for as obviously Calipsa hadn't changed in several thousand years, they were still as negligent as ever regarding security, thinking no one would dare to challenge them.

A small pad to the left side of the door only needed pressing for her to open it, it did so with a hiss of air. That action in itself alerted the two controllers forcing them both to swing around to see who it was invading their domain. Visas had already probed their minds to test if they were resistant in any way to her 'charms', finding them as weak as new born babes. Before either man could speak, she pressed upon them, knowing her influence for now was rather flimsy, the pair of them might well recover as soon as she left. "The light freighter Last Starshine needs clearance to depart, see to it please."

The look on the faces of both control men was that of confusion, if only for an instant. Somehow she had managed to convince them she was something else, a high lady of the House. Visas didn't have a lot of time, she knew the moment they gave that clearance, she'd have to either knock them out or worse.

"Yes my lady, immediately." The older of two told her, then transmitting the departure signal to the Starhsine, with a holographic message informing Tobias in the ship. When that time came he made his reply, that was the moment she 'had' to leave.