Author Topic: Fact File - Vindicator Cruiser "Kingslayer"  (Read 492 times)

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Fact File - Vindicator Cruiser "Kingslayer"
« on: September 12, 2017, 04:06:17 PM »

Craft: Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser
Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems
Length: 600 Meters
Crew: 2,500
Passengers: 400 Troops
Embarked Craft:
  • x24 TIE/ln Starfighters
  • x24 TIE/sa Bombers
  • x12 TIE Advanced v1
  • x4 Lambda-class Shuttles
  • x2 Delta JV-7-class Assault Shuttles
  • 25 Light Turbolasers
  • 20 Quad Light Turbolaser Turrets
  • 10 Point Defense Laser Cannons
  • 20 Point Defense Light Ion Cannons
  • 3 Tractor Beam Projectors

The Imperial Cruiser Kingslayer is a Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser, originally attached to the Tapani Defense Fleet. The Vindicator-class is based on the same hull as Sienar's successful Immobilizer-class of Interdictor Cruisers, vessels equipped with gravity well projectors to cut off hyperspace escape routes. By removing the massive gravity well generators, the Vindicator is now able to serve as a capable combat vessel. This allows the Imperial Navy more flexibility in deployment options, rather than just responding to every threat with Imperial or Victory class Star Destroyers when neither are required for the task. As such, it can either handle operations on its own or as an escort for groups as required, which made the Kingslayer an ideal choice for Task Force 101's mobile base of operations.

The Kingslayer is currently commanded by Captain Malik Durren, a career naval officer who originally served in the Old Republic's Navy before embracing the New Order and continued his service as a loyal officer of the Emperor.

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Re: Fact File - Vindicator Cruiser "Kingslayer"
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Embarked Craft - FIGHTERS:

TIE/ln Starfighter

The TIE/ln Starfighter, often just known as the TIE Fighter, is the mainstay space superiority fighter of the Imperial military. It is a single seat fighter and sparsely equipped, lacking shields, hyperdrive and even life support, only armed with a pair of laser cannons. However, it is extremely fast and agile, making it more than a match in a dogfight against the slower and less agile fighters favored on the Outer Rim and by the Rebels. However, because it is poorly equipped to maximize mass production, the TIE Fighter tends to punish mistakes made by pilots, often fatally. Very few are able to survive mistakes made in combat.

TIE/sa Bomber

TIE/sa Bombers, often just referred to as TIE Bombers, are heavy fighters intended to strike enemy surface targets and capital ships. The pod alongside the cockpit pod houses a large payload of warheads and bombs, on top of the 2 forward laser cannons mounted in the wing pylons. Like the TIE Fighter, the TIE Bomber is unshielded and lacks life support or a hyperdrive. However, it does boast more armor plating to compensate for the lower top speed and agility when compared to the TIE Fighter. It is not advised to engage enemy fighters with a TIE Bomber without a high degree of proficiency.

One variant that exists is known as the "TIE Shuttle", where the ordnance pod is replaced with a small crew pod instead. This pod has life support and is intended to ferry personnel between ships in a fleet or from a vessel to the surface of a planet. It is visually indistinguishable from a base TIE Bomber, making it useful in situations where personnel must discretely move from place to place.

TIE Advanced v1

A prototype advanced design that has only been deployed this year, the TIE Advanced represents a change in direction for the TIE series by featuring shields, a hyperdrive, and even a warhead launcher. The drawback of the design is that since the solar panels are inward facing only, the TIE Advanced requires more refueling as a result. Some models also have on-board life support systems, but these are typically one-off modifications made by elite pilots and operatives of the Empire.

Lambda-class Shuttle

The standard light utility craft of the Imperial Military, the Lambda Shuttle is often used to ferry personnel, including high ranking officers, around Imperial space. It is heavily armed and protected, and is fitted with a hyperdrive. In the base configuration, the Lambda can seat 20 personnel and typically has a flight crew of 6, but can be flown by a single pilot in emergencies. Versions for high ranking personnel are modified with individual staterooms for the passengers, which reduces the capacity to 8 passengers. It is armed with two double blasters and two forward facing and one rear facing double laser cannon turrets, and its shields are very robust, making the Lambda a much more durable target than first impressions would give.

Delta JV-7 Class Escort Shuttle

A recent development to compliment the Lambda-class in combat zones, the Delta-class is even more robust, as well as boasting a higher top speed and better agility. The passenger capacity is reduced only to 10 personnel, but the flight crew required is increased to 8, mainly gunners for the weapons. The Delta-class is armed with three forward facing laser cannons, and the aft is protected by a nasty surprise; a dual turbolaser cannon. It also boasts a pair of concussion missile launchers in the forward firing arc. As a result of its heavy weapons capabilities, the Delta-class is often employed as an escort for other transports. It is favored by some high ranking Imperials, but has yet to gain the same popularity of the Lambda.
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