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Title: Command Center
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on August 30, 2017, 05:32:46 AM
Nova shook her head.

"Unfortunately, with so few of you, splitting you up might prove even more problematic. For now, Zhug will work with you both until we can get more people onto your team, but I'm keeping you and Corporal Baize paired up. Also, I'm naming you as a Corporal in the Alliance Military, it's more honorific and organizational than anything." She said.

"Besides, we're dealin' with the ISB, not just normal security types. These guys get their kicks on making the little guy suffer, and if you get pinched, we might start a war with House Calipsa just to get you out." Zhug cautioned. Sabe still remained silent.

"Yes, if at all possible, we need to try to minimize our impact. The politics of this sector are difficult, to say the least, and angering even one of the Houses could jeopardize our position in this Sector. Most of the people are content with Imperial rule, since they suffer so little under it, but they also follow the lead of their nobility, and if the nobles are in bed with the Empire, they'll approve of it. Don't expect this to be like Jedha or Lothal." Nova cautioned.
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Post by: Mim on August 31, 2017, 09:19:10 PM
 Not entirely sure what the title meant, Laya had no choice but to go with it. After all, she had been tagged with worse descriptions and the name 'corporal' conjured up someone who could at least dish that out, as in punishment. It was a given for her, anyone or anything connected with the Empire was a target, anyone who simply went along with them was either stupid, or no idea how bad it could get. She knew, she knew exactly as she reflected on some of the horrors she had seen at their hands, not to mention this creep who seemed to be intent on finding her for whatever reasons he had.

 "Ah don't have to be told Zhug, bin dealing with these bastards for a long part o me short life. Ah've lost friends to em, dear friends who won't come back." There was an anger in her eyes seldom seen, an anger that could throttle the life out of you by merely seeing it on her. "So, Nova, what exactly is a corporal anyways? Something important?" She hoped she wasn't saddled with too much responsibility, not so early into her new start at least. "They be fools t' think the Imps are all cuddly wit em, bloody fools."
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Post by: Cipherhornet18 on September 04, 2017, 02:17:44 PM
Nova allowed herself a small smile before looking at Laya.

"You've been drafted for the time being. I know that Zhug has you here as one of his associates, but I have something in common with Corporal Baize," Her purple eyes glanced at Sabe, "General Draven doesn't like me that much either. He has his favorites, but I personally think he takes the wrong approach on matters. Very heavy handed, tends to prefer to a body count. I'm in need of good soldiers, and while I have some, I need a core cadre of soldiers who can go on operations on a regular basis. For the moment, it's you two. Perhaps more will come, and maybe if we can get our Jedi guest to understand the state of the galaxy, she may even join you as well. Your duties and responsibilities will come and go as we see fit, but your only focus is to the mission and each other right now."

"As for the Houses, it's a strangely symbiotic relationship. The strategic importance of this sector cannot be overstated." The map changed from Kamper to a world in the Freeworlds Territories, a world surrounded by orbital shipyards with various Imperial capital ships, mainly Imperial-class Star Destroyers, in production or completed.

"This is Fondor, though I'm sure both of you are aware of it. It, next to Kuat, is one of the largest production sites for the Imperial Navy's capital ships. In fact, the Emperor nationalized the shipyards and handed them over to Kuat Drive Yards. The Empire will not leave the Tapani Sector because of Fondor, and would sooner burn this sector to cinders. But they gain so many resources that it's not worth their usual tactics. The Houses know that they could fight, but it would be futile. So, they accept a sort of servitude that gives them prosperity in exchange for giving up some liberties. The Empire can hold this region with fewer forces as a result." Nova explained.

"So. They gave up liberty for security. Fools." Sabe finally said.

"Some with a more cynical viewpoint would say that they deserve neither for that trade. But for now, we must respect the situation as it exists and plan accordingly. Some would like to see the Empire removed, but it is a minority and that is why the Rebellion languishes here. But where General Draven and I disagree is that we should not give up. The effort will be monumental, but the reward could be giving the Alliance the means to truly fight the Empire. Ships, resources, political support. If the Tapani Sector were to side with the Rebellion, it could sway countless systems to our cause in the Galaxy." Nova explained, as the holographic display went back to Kamper.

"I don't think we'll be needing your usual speeches, Nova." Zhug said with a chuckle, "Nova is also what the Alliance calls an "agitator", someone who gets folks riled up with words. I've seen her start more than a few pretty sizable riots."

Before Nova could respond, the planet of Kamper was replaced again, this time by a holographic projection of a Human male. It was Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan, one of the founders of the Alliance. He was known to be a kind man but one who preferred action over words, and it was no small secret in the Rebellion that he and his daughter, a Princess, used their diplomatic status to aid those being oppressed by the Empire.

"Senator Organa, this is a surprise, sir. How can I help you?" Nova asked.

"I apologize if I am intruding. However, I have an update for your visit to Kamper. I've arranged for some help to meet your friends there. I will transmit details later, but they should be a valuable asset for you." The Senator said with a smile.

"Of course. Sir, would you be willing to stay on the line, I have someone I'd like you to speak with. Perhaps you might be able to help me with this matter." Nova said.

"I do have some time, Commander." Bail said with a slight nod. His image then disappeared.

"Alright. Zhug, take them to the armory, see if Sadon can get them geared up, and then you're cleared to leave for Kamper." Nova said.

"Fair enough. C'mon kids, let's go deal with the Galaxy's most pleasant Zabrak and get you some fancy weapons." Zhug said.

"I'm not a child and I already have my weapons." Sabe replied with a scowl.

"Ain't all about you, kid." Zhug shrugged as he led the way to the armory.
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Post by: Asalaya Emaalon on September 05, 2017, 03:15:38 AM
 "Fair enough." Laya replied, for the most part she was doing her best not to appear to be over awed in any way. For her, the whole system of command was a loose meaning, in her past she barely had anything to go by as an example, with Jago's collection of society rejects, command was merely something you either obeyed, or ignored depending on what the objective was. He didn't force the people around him to follow any given path, simply so long as they didn't mutiny on him, he and they were content with the booty afforded to them after each 'mission' they had completed.

 This though was entirely different for her. It was organized at the highest level and she knew instinctively that quite soon she was going to be one of those cogs in a wheel that made everything work. And if she applied herself, she could well likely be in the center of a group that would be striking into the very heart of the Empire. That was all she needed to know.

 So it was then, that they had something to aim for. The next order was what she wanted to hear. "I have only this." She patted her hip and the Light Saber dangling from it. There was of course a small personal hand blaster she used, rarely.

<<To Armory>>
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Post by: Cipherhornet18 on May 01, 2018, 03:47:22 PM
22 Hours after Calipsa Operation

"Look, I'm not one to back down from a fight, but this isn't even playing the odds, it's suicide." Zhug protested.

"And your concerns have already been noted, smuggler." Kai rolled her eyes, "The window to act is limited, but we can do it. This operation is practically textbook."

Nova looked between the Bothan intelligence officer and the Duros smuggler, before looking back down at the holographic display playing over and over on a loop in front of her. It was simulating a strike on an Imperial vessel before boarding and seizing it.

"We're running low on supplies and we're not getting any from Command for longer than I'd like. Plus, with the intelligence that our team brought back, we need to prepare for war. We're going to act on this operation. Kai, have your people start putting advance teams down in Pelagia territory, that's next. Zhug, I'm going to need you again." Nova finally said.

"Fine, but we're not taking my ship. I know you got one of them U-Wings rigged up for this sort of thing." Zhug replied exhasperated.

"It is what I have in mind." Nova replied with a smile.

"I would be aware that there is at least one Imperial warship in the area on patrol. There is also the threat of House Mecetti forces in the area." Kai pointed out.

"Please get all of that ready for me. And summon our troops. We are going on a little supply run." Nova said. The calls went out to the relevant personnel to meet in the control room for a briefing.

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Title: Re: Command Center
Post by: Asalaya Emaalon on May 02, 2018, 06:13:16 PM
<<From Cabins>>

 Two young women walked side by side with their boot steps bringing them closer to Control with every meter they progressed. To the casual onlooker it might look like the older of the two was doing nothing more than being company for the younger red head; yet move in closer and you'd be in no doubt the brunette wasn't all that happy. There was a distinct scowl on her normally pleasant face.

 "Next time you wanna nick something Tanath, don't for te' sake o' yer miserable life's worth try a hit on Visas!" Laya would have even been impressed if the girl had tried to steal something of her own, not that she had much. "I get it, we both like shiny trinkets, but the Jedi? Damn me girl don't think because she is physically blind she don't know what's what, ya get me?" Besides Tanath could have at least come to Laya with a plan, she was always up for highjinks herself if the intended target was worth a laughable outcome. "Now move before find a reason te get mad wit ya!" Another ten steps would have them at their destination.

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Post by: Tanath Elui on May 02, 2018, 08:48:34 PM
<<from cabins>>

Tanath was nearly pouting.  The younger girl was not at all happy with the outcome of her little plan.  Not to mention now she was getting reamed out by her friend.

"I was doin just fine," she grumbled.   "Til someone made a noise." She glared at her friend, but in the end they never stayed had at each other.
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Post by: Sabe Baize on May 04, 2018, 03:29:41 PM
Sabe stepped in, clad in combat fatigues with a desert camo pattern cloak wrapped around from her neck down and a similar patterned headwrap over her hair. After they returned from Kamper, she had spent as much time away from the others as she could, quietly hoping the spacers would just leave already. The Jedi was a liability, but the bigger one was the spacer girl who was an untrained one. The former at least could keep some semblance of control, but the latter...she wouldn't have lasted an hour in the Partisans. Just like that loud-mouthed Duros.

And so, that meant Sabe spent a lot of time in the observation towers that ringed the exterior of the base, keeping watch on the skies and ground for the Imperial attack that would eventually come for the Jedi and Jedi-wannabe. It also wasn't helping that none of this was putting her any closer to why she was here in the first place. A sniper without her spotter was only one half of a whole, and once Sabe found her spotter, the two of them would skip out on these idealistic morons and return to the Partisans. Or at least, just return to Onderon.

Unfortunately, for her, the Duros and the girl were still here, and it seemed that they had yet another here too, and that she knew the Force Sensitive spacer.

"Visas should be right behind you. It seems the commlinks are on the fritz again." Nova said pleasantly, "Also, this is Tanath Elui, she recently arrived. While I believe you know Asalaya and possibly Captain Zhug," Nova gestured to Laya and Zhug respectively, before nodding to Sabe, "This is Sabe Baize. She is a talented sharpshooter who comes to us from the Partisans on Onderon."

"Yeah, but she's about as personable as a rancor. And always eager to tell ya you don't measure up to Saw Gerrera's standards. Just tune her out, it's what I do." Zhug said, "She's only good when you need someone shooting Imps in the face, past that..."

"Captain. Please." Nova said, putting up a hand. But if looks could have killed, Sabe would have likely reduced Sigma Base to cinders right about now...

"You are all here because you have a set of valuable skills that the Alliance is in dire need of if we are to ever liberate this sector from the Empire. Please try to remember that you're here to fight the Empire and its tyranny, not each other."

"Doctor Zaalbacc said he'll let Visas know to join the team here. He said he turned her commlink off because he was in the middle of an important examination to make sure she wasn't suffering any ill effects from going into action after coming out of stasis." The comm officer reported.

Title: Re: Command Center
Post by: Visas Marr on May 06, 2018, 08:09:22 PM
Still yawing from her overly long sleep Visas awoke some four hours ago taking the opportunity to brush away the cobwebs from not just the immediate slumber, more to the point for her previous several thousand years of doing so. It came as no surprise to neither her nor the captain that there may have been a few issues arising from such an extensive stasis, the first being her insatiable desire to sleep at any given moment. That had now passed hopefully with an induced sleep of her own doing, she had to admit feeling fresher than she had ever done since that moment she was awoken in that chamber.

Without any preamble the moment her foot stepped into the command center she spoke her mind. "Sleep is completely underrated as far as I am concerned. I do not know how much importance is placed upon it this age, nor whether you have managed to circumvent the affects of going without it; but I know from just the last twenty hours or so how important it is for your well being."
Title: Re: Command Center
Post by: Asalaya Emaalon on May 09, 2018, 04:32:53 PM
 "Stealth, its all about stealth Tanath. While I'll admit you got the skills, its te' execution that is" She was cut off abruptly when she realized their walking steps had advanced them further than she would have liked while talking tactics, not that they were the kind of tactics Nova might want them to be discussing.

 "Ah...." She said looking over her shoulder to see the strange Jedi come up behind them. "See Tanath, that is stealth." No one but a ghost could move like Visas, she had skills far beyond what Laya could ever aspire to, then again she had many many more years to perfect those skills, talking of which, that seemed to be the subject at hand right now. "Well we were just now chattin about them skills, weren't we?" A wicked almost cunning smile crossed the brunette's face, a pleasant one nonetheless as she tried to contain herself from winking at the younger red head.

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Post by: Sabe Baize on May 13, 2018, 06:43:09 PM
"Let us begin." Nova said, before anything else could be said to divert conversation any further.

"We are still decrypting and investigating the information you all found on Kamper. But given the method by which you conducted the mission, we will have to keep you out of House Calipsa territory for a time. You did what you had to, and that is what we need more of." Nova explained, before the holographic display activated to a trio of ships, all of them of the same configuration.


"This is an Imperial supply convoy we have been tracking around the sector as of late. They are scheduled to meet with an Imperial resupply depot in House Mecetti space, and that is where their escort will be at its lightest. Their fleet movements recently and suddenly changed, but that's not likely tied to what happened on Kamper. Far too small for that. But we are in need of supplies to continue this fight, and we're not getting much from outside this sector." Nova said. She didn't want to add that General Draven was doing that intentionally, he had his favorite already in the sector and Nova Division wasn't it.

"You all will be the boarding team to secure the bridge and prevent the main ship from leaving. The other two ships are escorts and decoys. A second team will come in behind you to fly the ship to a location in deep space where we can then deal with the ship without interference." Nova explained, "Normally, these ships have large crews, but given the mission of these specific ships, that won't be the case. Particularly with the actual supply ship, which is indicated to have a total crew size of 100. The decoy ships have enough troops to match the original compliment of 750."

"The plan is to use a modified U-Wing to get you in through one of the access hatches at the back of the command section. You will have temporary support from both of our fighter squadrons, the Y-Wings will strafe the ship with their ion cannons to disable it long enough for you to board, the Z-95s will hold off any TIEs that might be launched by the escorts. Get onto the bridge, trigger the lockdown so the rest of the crew can't stop you, and clear the bridge. Once that's done, the flight crew will board, and all of the ships will enter hyperspace to a set of coordinates off of the hyperlanes. The Pathfinder will be waiting with a full team to help clear the ship, but if we can get the rest of the crew to surrender, so much the better." Nova explained.
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Post by: Visas Marr on May 16, 2018, 05:54:50 PM
Naturally Visas was unable to see the hologram yet her senses did remarkably well to tell her everything she needed to know with her innate ability to feel what those around her may well be feeling. She reached out with her mind to find a perception of size and shape, the placement of structures of the ship. "Is there a remote possibility that this ship itself a decoy to lure us? I only ask as this is something I have in the past done before. We must be vigilant, though I see no flaws in the plan. I think in the first instance we should use the smallest of us to enter using their size to advantage to scout ahead before the rest of us follow." Her head swiveled towards Tanath with a rather unusual look that said 'I know what you did child'.

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