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Title: Medical Bay
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on September 04, 2017, 02:21:16 PM
The medical facilities in Sigma Base are currently just barely meeting the needs of Nova Division. With only two bacta tanks and a very small team of medics and medical droids, the Wookiee doctor Zaalbacc struggles to keep the soldiers and pilots of Nova Division in the fight but does so with pride.
Title: Re: Medical Bay
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on September 04, 2017, 02:35:13 PM
A refresher station was made available for the recently awoken ancient Jedi to get cleaned up, but all that could be found on short notice in roughly her dimensions was a flight suit and boots, so Zaalbacc left the bright orange jumpsuit and boots for her to change into once she was cleaned up, while ordering the Jedi's garments be cleaned as soon as possible.

The soldiers remained posted in the Medical Bay, while the Wookiee remained with his new patient.

"You'll be pleased to know that despite the rather significant time spent in stasis, you show no signs of any serious issues. You may suffer from side effects, which if you do, please do refrain from suffering in silence and just tell me so that I can address it sooner rather than later. But your case is unique, so bear that in mind as we continue." Zaalbacc said through his translation unit. He paused for a moment.

"I think you may find you came at a difficult time. Many of the people here were but children when the Republic and Jedi were more than mere ideals and words. It still amazes me how easily so many people bought the lie that the Jedi attempted a coup. Before I became a doctor, I was a Sector Ranger. I worked with several Jedi, and I will say that the galaxy is darker with their flame nearly extinguished. And it is hard to get a Wookiee to believe the Jedi are the evil ones when the Empire enslaved my people almost immediately after driving the battle droids off of Kashyyyk." Zaalbacc said quietly. Though his translation unit was flat and emotionless, his own voice was one of regret and remorse for what the galaxy became, "Many people will not know what to make of you, Master Jedi. Some will see you as our potential savior, others will have believed the lies and will see you as a greater threat than Palpatine. And a great deal of them will see you as a waiting storm cloud, a harbinger of our doom just by existing and being here."

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Post by: Visas Marr on September 05, 2017, 06:53:39 PM

For the moment Visas was feeling no ill affects of having been in stasis, a condition she preferred to retain for as long as possible. Although she knew at some point from experience, not personal, but the experience that came from attending others in the distant past who had been through the same thing; albeit no where near as long as she had, at best a few years. Yet even for them there had always been some minor side affect, a slight loss of memory, or some malfunctioning of the body's systems. One individual she knew was unable to digest their food normally for a period of time, having suffered stomach cramps with even the smallest morsel of food intake. If that was all she would suffer, it'd be a small irritation at worst.

The clothing was more than good enough, Visas accepted it gracefully before she slipped into a curtained area to change, which she did rather quickly. The fit was adequate, although she knew inevitably a better outfit would in the end be more appropriate. Taking up the conversation, she added her take on the situation concerning her presence. "If at any time I do feel something awry, you will of course be the first to know." There was no need to dwell upon it, unless something did take hold of her.

Then the talk turned to the current situation, one which she felt rather dire given the words spoken by Zaalbacc. If she wasn't who she was, Visas would certainly have been more than alarmed by them. "The Jedi are many things, it depends on the path they follow, or in the present sense of course, the path some of them followed. There was a time when honor meant everything Zaalbacc, whether that was down the road of darkness, or that of the light, both kept to a code of honor. Somewhere along the way honor had been abandoned even among some of the Jedi, in favor of self gain. I can only hope that in the time of my long sleep, the value of honor has been restored. But-" She took a moment to reflect on the other matters he had brought to hand. "-that some do feel a great mistrust in the Jedi order comes of no great surprise, we are after all a dangerous entity even to ourselves if not governed by a strict code. To know some have abused the trust that should be placed upon us, will naturally lead to those misgivings you have spoken of."
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Post by: Cipherhornet18 on September 08, 2017, 03:20:00 PM
The Wookiee nodded and led his patient over to one of the beds, motioning for her to lay down.

"I don't want you to exert yourself too much yet." He commented before resuming their discussion, "I will need to get you some historical texts, but suffice to say that Palpatine, who was Supreme Chancellor at the time, claimed the Jedi attempted to murder him and usurp power from the Republic. And somehow, the Galaxy believed it. I think because of the Clone Wars, there was already distrust, and Palpatine was seen as a man who took action when those around him did not. So they gladly let the Republic be destroyed and their beloved leader become Emperor."

"It amazes me to this day how short memories can be when people want them to be. The Jedi defended this galaxy for eons, and then when one accusation is leveled at them, we turned on them. They were slaughtered all over the galaxy, but few are rumored to remain..." Zaalbacc paused as the door opened and Nova entered with a holoprojector communicator, which she set up on a table next to the bed. Zaalbacc stepped aside to let her work.

"Master Jedi, I wanted to present to you someone who might be of better use in helping you get situated than I am. He is one of the founders of the Alliance." The Rebel commander said as she turned it on. Senator Organa's image appeared.

"Visas Marr, this is Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan. Senator, this is our new guest, the Jedi I mentioned to you." Nova said. Organa bowed his head in respect and smiled.

"Master Jedi. I'm pleased to make your acquaintence. I think, if Commander Kirin is correct about how long you've slept, you only knew my family name as one of the royal houses on Alderaan at the time, since House Panteer was the ruling family at that time. I am currently attempting to reach one of the surviving Jedi, but in the meantime, if there is anything I can do to help, please, do not hesitate to ask." Organa said.
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Post by: Visas Marr on September 11, 2017, 08:50:28 PM
Though possibly the last thing she needed to do was to be in the 'laying down' position, Visas was wise enough to know not to argue with a medic. Even more so with one who has had the advantage of some four thousand odd years to have their craft advanced since the Jedi was last awake. Respectfully she followed orders, laying back as she would at rest. This was familiar territory for her, the many battles she had fought back in her time had brought with it the many wounds she carried, at least in her mind. Visas was well aware that one of the properties of the stasis chamber was healing, that was after all its original purpose.

"He sounds much like one of my time, Darth Nihilus. Though their methods may of course differ, yet the outcome is the same, that is the nature of the beast. I should add that I once served Nihilus, you need to know that my path has taken both sides of the spectrum of light and dark. Strangely, never has the grey middle road appealed to me." Visas did tend to ramble a little now and then, or was this something new she had developed, she wasn't sure on that. Memories, they were selective. "If the rumors persist, then the Jedi will be somewhere. That this Palpatine was able to reach out in such fury to destroy the order would not have been missed by some. History hopefully has taught the order not to gather all their Knights in the one castle so to speak. Do you know if others have been found." Then she remembered the young woman she met when she first awoke, the power she felt from her was a match for Meetra, perhaps even more so. Visas turned on her side about to inquire of her when Nova came with a holo projector.

"Thank you Commander, that is kind of you." Not that she thought she needed too much help, but then again that was pride; something a Jedi such as her left behind long ago. "Senator, I am most pleased to meet you." She reached out in her mind, balancing the force to such a trickle it wouldn't even be noticed if a force sensitive was standing beside her. He seemed a pleasant fellow, there was something significant about him she couldn't quite put her finger on. It would come in time. When he spoke of his family history, her mind reached back to that time. She remembered. "Yes I do recall those families, sadly it does seem to me that your histories are repeating themselves. We can only hope for a better outcome no?" When he mentioned a surviving Jedi, her attention was heightened. "Perhaps it is I who could help you in this search Senator." If anyone could find another Jedi, it would naturally be her; or at worst their enemy.
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"Oh, I know where he is. The question is if he is able to answer or if he's receiving. He's very far away from where you are, I'm afraid. But if I might ask, while we wait to see if he does respond, what do you intend to do now that you're awake? You're, of course, not bound to remain, but Commander Kirin has made it clear to me that she will allow you to remain among her forces for the time being. While we are certainly willing to welcome a Jedi into our number, there are certain dangers that you should be aware of. Not just to yourself, but to those around you. But I also know that the Jedi must undertake their challenges in ways that not all of us can understand." The Senator said.

"I can't offer much here, and unfortunately, I would have to say that there will come a time I will need you to contribute to the group effort to remain here. It's not out of malice, more that everyone here contributes and our logistics are strained at times. Anyone not contributing would be seen as a needless drain by some of the soldiers here. But you are welcome to remain here. If you wish to leave, we would have to wait until Captain Zhug got back from his mission with our two new arrivals." Nova added.
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Post by: Visas Marr on September 14, 2017, 06:41:52 PM
It took no more than a millisecond for Visas to respond. "Having seen the force from both spectrum's Senator there is no question whatsoever as to my intentions now that I am awake as you say. I will devote my every effort in assisting your cause, for however long that may turn out to be." Visas' head lifted as if she were in fact 'seeing' the man; she was, through a trickle of the force. "The dangers will be there for simply opposing this 'Emperor's' will Senator, my being with this rebellion and indeed one other I have felt here will make little difference to the threat. In fact the other I spoke of perhaps poses even more danger, she is untrained yet powerful, she can make mistakes that could draw unwanted attention in this direction." That last was for the benefit of Nova as well, she had to know.

Visas' head turned again towards the other woman. "If anything, I will do whatever it takes to assist you. No request is either too large nor small. Does that help you?" That for now was the best she could offer, Visas needed to see just how far this rebellion had progressed and exactly what they were lacking.
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Post by: Cipherhornet18 on September 16, 2017, 12:49:05 AM
"Perhaps, Commander, this is best left at your discretion. Master Jedi, I will continue to seek out my Jedi friend to speak to you, if I can reach him." Organa said. Nova nodded and then looked to Visas.

"Master Jedi, I do have something in mind, but you will need to be as incognito as possible in regards to your abilities. I'll provide some of my own civilian attire for you to wear, we may also have some vibroblades you can wield in favor of your lightsaber, unless you are skilled with a blaster." Nova explained, "If you can do that much, then I'll clear you to tag along on an important mission."
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Visas found herself nodding at different points in the conversation, finding that at least in the thousands of years since she was put to sleep as it were, intelligence and wisdom was still apparent. For those observing her, one would have never guessed that she didn't see the world as others did, sight to her was not something she or her kind in the past had ever experienced. She she was no less for the way in which Visas viewed her surroundings, feeling with not only the force, but heightened senses that would make some feel rather uncomfortable. Though she could not physically see those around her, Visas could certainly feel the emotion that surrounded them.

"Please, if you can Senator. It would certainly be a help to your cause as well as giving me someone whom I can relate to in the short term." For until she got to know the young woman she  met earlier, the relationship between them may have some difficulties to overcome. Visas doubted the girl had even been close to a Jedi in her lifetime. Her head swiveled back towards Nova. "It won't be a problem at all Commander, I can tell you that in my past life I have had to do what you propose on more than one occasion." That was how easy she wanted to be with these people. The last thing they needed was an obstacle.
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"Very well, Master Jedi. I appreciate your candor in the matter, as well as your understanding. I will contact you as soon as I determine if the other Jedi I am seeking contacts me. And thank you for your support. It is among the Alliance's goals that we restore the Jedi Order alongside the Republic, and having you with us puts us one step closer to seeing that made into reality. Good day, Master Jedi." Organa bowed and then the transmission ended.

"Alright, then, it's settled. Sergeant, escort our guest to the hangar while I gather some things for her." Nova said, and then looked to Visas, "Welcome to the Rebellion, Master Jedi. I'll take care of your equipment and attire this time. I'll send Captain Zhug out to get you some things the next time he goes for supplies after this mission is resolved."

"Yes ma'am." The soldier replied, and then stepped up closer to Visas, "This way, ma'am."

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Post by: Visas Marr on September 22, 2017, 01:02:18 AM
"If there is one thing my life has taught me senator, always give your all when you are committed to a cause. Your cause, this cause is close to my heart." She sensed the departure, with no more to add her attention returned to Nova.

An unusual smile crossed her face, for one such as her you'd not expect a great deal of humor. "So long as it fits and I don't end up looking like some Coruscant doxy." Her stance though was of one ready for anything, for indeed she was about to revive something in her that had laid dormant for four thousand years; without using the force if she could help it.