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Title: Officer's Quarters
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on September 12, 2017, 03:42:02 PM
Assigned to the ranking officers aboard the Kingslayer, officer's quarters include a bed, a closet with installed drawers for clothing and other items to be stored, and a small attached refresher area that includes a sonic shower, toilet, and sink. A desk is also present. All officer's quarters are maintained when they are away by cleaning droids.
Title: Re: Officer's Quarters
Post by: Tak Imsen on September 18, 2017, 07:28:39 PM
>>From Hangar Deck>>

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Tak ignored the others completely, they were of little consequence to him unless he had need of them.
A hiss of air announced the arrival and termination of the turbo lifts travel to its designated destination. Tak for whatever reasons of his own hesitated before stepping out, as if he feared some unseen assassin lurking nearby. In truth, those fears were not unfounded, as in his work for the Emperor he had created quite a few enemies along the way, with of course the usual attempts on his life to follow. "The only time I deal with someone directly 'is' in the course of my duties to the Empire. Outside of that Lieutenant, you will find me a very solitary person, with few if any that I could class as the type I would have a random conversation with." He did then step out, satisfied that a thunder of blaster fire wasn't going to herald his untimely death. From this point he let Satre lead on.

His voice took on a slightly different tone when he spoke again. "Sometimes you will find duty the heaviest weight upon your shoulders you could imagine. Yet there are those times when carrying out those duties give you a feeling of complete elation." He was referring of course to those glorious moments he took to silence an enemy of the Empire.
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Post by: Satre Pelles on September 21, 2017, 06:19:50 PM
"Service has it's own rewards. Yes, I'm familiar with that. But there's nothing I'd rather be doing." Satre replied. Of course, in this case, her mind quite seriously could not grasp anything but service to the Emperor and the New Order. She would either die fighting the vermin who thought they could somehow usurp the greatest power in the galaxy or...well, there would be an end somewhere along the line. Perhaps leading the entire Death Trooper Division. But for now, all that mattered to her was carrying out the Emperor's will.

As soon as the turbolift reached its destination, Satre took the lead to the nearest protocol droid, a glossy black RA-7 servant droid. It was so similar to the -3PO units, but had an insectoid looking head instead of a more humanoid looking one. The droid turned and faced them both.

"How may I serve?" The droid asked in an electronic deep male voice. Satre toggled her voice modulator back on.

"The Inquisitor requires assigned quarters for his stay aboard this vessel. This assignment was just made by Lord Vader." Satre said.

"Guest accommodations are available. This way." The droid started shuffling down the corridor. Satre unconsciously found herself falling into "bodyguard" mode and unslung her E-11D rifle as she walked. There was no wasted movements as she did so, remaining in step behind the droid as she walked. The droid stopped at one of the quarters and opened the door. The Death Trooper held up a hand to Tak and stepped past the droid and entered the room, her heavy carbine at the ready as she systematically went through the room.

As she did her visual sweep, the HUD sensors in her armor were already sweeping for unusual signals, indicators of surveillance equipment. After finding that the room was clear, she stepped back out and stepped aside.

"It's clear, sir." She said. The droid started to shuffle away but Satre put a hand on it's shoulder.

"Hold. These quarters need to meet with the Inquisitor's approval as well." Satre said, the electronic distortion adding even more of a menacing tone to what she was naturally inflecting, even if it was lost on the droid. But the meaning was intended not for the droid but anyone around her; she was going to take her duties seriously.
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Post by: Tak Imsen on September 22, 2017, 01:42:50 AM
Side by side they walked until that moment the droid made its appearance, with Imsen giving it no more than a cursory glance. He was an elitist of course, a solitary brooding snob if it were to be said correctly, having little or not time for the mechanised attendants the Empire and indeed society placed so much trust in. He didn't. A bad experience with an enemy tampering with a droid left him scarred for most of his adult life, he wasn't about to ever place that much trust in them again. "Of course there is price we pay for that service." He intoned with a degree of snarkiness.

For a moment he stood there impassively, watching as events took place. When the room was finally in his vision, Tak moved his head up and down in complete agreement with Pelles. It wasn't as good as what he had on his own vessel of course, but for the time being it would suffice. "It will do. There are two requests I will make, the first is when food is brought to me, it is to be tested in front of me before I eat. The second, I rarely sleep, yet I will spend time in meditation. If I am found in that state, I am not to be disturbed is that understood?"
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Post by: Satre Pelles on September 23, 2017, 11:55:16 PM
"Both terms will be met, m'lord." The droid replied.

"See to it that they are, droid. Dismissed." Satre said and let the droid go. As it shuffled away, she turned to Tak.

"If you wish, I believe we have some time before muster. I'll remain out here until then and inform you when that is." Satre said, taking up position next to the door.

<<TO SQUAD BAY (after posts are resolved)>>
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Post by: Tak Imsen on September 24, 2017, 10:38:53 PM
There was satisfaction in his voice when he spoke again, Tak felt to this point things were going as it should be. "Before that time comes Lieutenant, I would like to spend a few moments going through any reports we have available on these rebels. Anything you deem I have not seen within the last twenty four hours." He did of course like to be kept up to date; the whole project of containing these scum could hinge on details missed. The Inquisitor was not one for missing those hidden details others may in their haste disregard.
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Post by: Satre Pelles on September 26, 2017, 03:11:09 PM
"I can get the information sent to you, as well as request a situation report from Imperial Intelligence. I would advise also familiarizing yourself with the politics of this region. They are, after all, what makes this sector unique." Satre replied. That was a simple matter, a request made on a separate comm channel from her helmet commlink to the appropriate persons, but became unnecessary as Captain Durren approached the quarters with a junior officer in tow, as well as a pair of Stormtroopers.

"M'lord. Captain Malik Durren, I am the commanding officer of the Kingslayer. These unusual circumstances were made even more so, so I apologize about the hastiness of accommodating you. Ensign Garza here has the intelligence reports you requested earlier." Captain Durren said, and the junior officer wordlessly handed over the datapad.

"I have brought these troopers so that they may act as your guard and guide." Durren looked to Pelles, "You are dismissed, Trooper."

Satre frowned under her helmet, remaining where she was for a moment to let the Inquisitor speak before she did. Naval officers always did irritate her, the Army and Stormtrooper Corps were always more concerned with results than pomp and circumstance. And Intelligence only had use for such things so long as they suited the situation, and could do away with protocol just as easily if it interfered with efficiency. So it was only protocol that she didn't correct him on the spot that she was a Lieutenant, not a Trooper.
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Post by: Tak Imsen on September 28, 2017, 08:51:13 PM
As the conversation continued Tak found himself intrigued by the woman, she wasn't what he at first thought her to be, simply another lackey of Vader's. She was more than that, independent of thought and mind, something he could well appreciate in these times where everyone was a follower of one cause or another, or more precisely someone who either bowed before Palatine or was a Rebel. Of course Imsen was neither. He merely served the Empire not the Emperor, there was a difference in that, a difference he knew Pelles would be sympathetic to.

So it was, that on the arrival of the Captain, the Inquisitor listened to him for all of five seconds. He was half tempted to slam the man against the far bulkhead with the force, knowing though he was one of Vader's, he resisted, instead using another tactic. He used the force in another way. "Captain Durren, the 'Lieutenant' here is my 'personal' assistant. She remains and please see to it she has the adjoining cabin to mine assigned to her." He made it sound almost sleazy in a way, the emphasis on 'personal' he hoped would give a false impression there was more going on than met the eye. Even as he spoke, he made sure his eyes were on Satre the whole time so that Durren could make a thousand assumptions yet only one would be the right one.

At last he took the datapad from the Ensign, he'd peruse it later. "The guards won't be necessary Captain, you may go now." With that he hoped somehow he might have sealed a compact with Satre, one that would have mutual benefit for both of them.
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Post by: Satre Pelles on October 02, 2017, 07:54:57 PM
Durren looked between the Inquisitor and Death Trooper for a moment before clearing his throat.

"Ah, yes, well, we shall see to it straight away, m'lord. Leftenant, you will remain with the Inquisitor as his protective detail. I will be on the bridge." Durren replied and his entourage made their way back down the hall.

"I don't think he wanted to assign those troopers as your detail, I think he intended to have them keep tabs on you. He's just too afraid to argue the point." Satre finally commented, "Better a professional handle things, and one who isn't also spying on you for the Captain. Who is likely spying on you to court favor with Lord Vader, typical behavior among Navy officers, and likely would only end poorly anyways."
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Post by: Tak Imsen on October 03, 2017, 04:32:37 PM
Taking a deep sigh once the captain had departed with his troops, Tak then relaxed visibly with his elderly almost grandfatherly face showing a sure sign of relief. If there was one single thing he might care to admit it was that just maybe his years were catching up to him, despite the fact the Force had added a few, in the end he was still human and still suffered the human frailties of life. "I've spent far too many of my years serving the Empire aboard her ships, far too many to the point somewhere along the way I've even been called upon to command several vessels. Naval officers have a need to advance, beyond the normal courses of action once they reach command level one of the quickest ways up is to curry favor. Admiral Coresk is a perfect example; totally useless and ineffective as both an officer of the fleet and commander, but he knows very well how to insinuate his way around both Vader and the Emperor. They care little for his abilities other than what he can tell them. Durren is no different."

Clicking his tongue, the man needed to focus on the matter at hand. "Now Lieutenant, have you personally come up against these rebels in numbers? I ask because we need to know more about their tactics." More than he was presently aware of naturally, having so far just the one encounter up his sleeve.
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Post by: Satre Pelles on October 04, 2017, 12:27:13 AM
Satre paused for a moment before gesturing into Tak's quarters. Once they were in, she sealed the door behind her. The Death Trooper then let her E-11D hang on its sling over her chestplate while she used both hands to remove her helmet, which she set on the desk. Her face was finally revealed to the Inquisitor, a black fabric cover over her hair that she pushed back to let her blonde hair.

"This is a matter that I speak frankly on, so best you can look me in the eye on it. Unlike people like Captain Durren or Admiral Coresk, I do not draw a line between loyalty and reality. Director Krennic had no use for those who wanted to echo what wanted to be heard, not what should have been heard." Satre said.

"The rebels, it's a catch-all term. There are numerous groups we slap that label on and they all fight differently. The main organization, the ones that call themselves the "Rebel Alliance" or "Alliance to Restore the Republic", they see themselves as liberators fighting a guerrilla war. Imperial propaganda would have you believe them to be terrorists and murderers, but that's our weapon against their belief that they can win the hearts and minds of the ordinary citizen." Satre explained.

"A splinter from them are the rebels who call themselves "Partisans", and are banded under the Onderonian soldier Saw Gurrera. Unlike the Alliance, the Partisans have very clearly decided that either you are against the Empire or support it. There is no middle ground, and they will do anything to anyone to hurt the Empire. Ironically, they fit the propaganda of the rebels more than the Alliance does. Partisans will, unless they know the populace is oppressed, not worry themselves about collateral damage, while the Alliance cannot afford to damage their message by hurting innocents." Satre continued, pausing for a moment.

"As a Death Trooper, we only went after those that were the most difficult targets. Their rank and file, they're likely either guerrilla fighters with limited experience and few supplies or angry civilians with no training and only improvised weapons. However, the Alliance's Commandos and Pathfinders? They're veterans of the Clone Wars and countless skirmishes in the Outer Rim even before they join. They're resourceful, they'll lead you into traps, and they are never to be underestimated. And the Partisans have fighters who have been fighting since the Clone Wars for Onderon, cut their teeth against the droids there and were trained by Jedi and Clones." Satre paused again.

"My suggestion? Be as unpredictable as they are if you want to live past the first engagement. Even with your abilities, and I don't dare claim to understand them, those Commandos might just have a few tricks to get the upper hand in a fight with you. Oh. And unless you know where they're running away to, never closely pursue rebels as a general rule. They tend to lead Stormtroopers into ambushes with frequency." Satre concluded.
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Post by: Tak Imsen on October 05, 2017, 08:14:20 PM
Every word, every nuance was taken as if he was reading it from a valued tome. Tak was the kind of individual who took the things said to him in a way that defied logic with him having the ability to detect a lie or untruth merely by the tone of the speakers voice, or subtle body language changes. Most Jedi could with some training, a few like him had the ability naturally, so it came as no surprise to anyone that few even dared to try and bare face lie to him. He had other ways of course, but that was another road he chose to take merely out of the joy it gave him to see a little pain and suffering on his subjects. He had no need to resort to that now as he could 'feel' Satre's words coming to him clearly without a shroud.

After giving her time to speak, getting it all out, that intelligence he needed, Tak smiled in that beguiling grandfatherly way (that hid his true purpose so often). He took a moment or two to take it all on board, before giving her his own assessment. "We have a virtual free license from the Emperor to do whatever is necessary to 'calm' the Empire as we see fit. In that we are naturally duty bound to pursue any element we find that is a threat to our stability, using whatever 'force' we can bring to bare." He looked up at her, making sure he had her attention.

"The last thing we need, even as you say for one such as I, or indeed Vader, is to be fighting a war on several fronts, do you not agree? So in that, I believe what we should perhaps be looking at, is to engage the weaker of these two elements and neutralize them. Though the Partisans may well pose the greater immediate threat, I feel they could well be the easier target for elimination. So, let us see what we can find out about them and their base of operations. We have enough agents in the field, make it so Lieutenant that we know everything there is to know about them." He hadn't forgotten about the young woman though, she was his own personal priority.
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Post by: Satre Pelles on October 06, 2017, 01:56:20 AM
The Death Trooper took a breath and nodded. It wasn't that he was wrong, just...

"Unfortunately, that's more of a strategic matter than a tactical one. Both are scattered all over the galaxy, and we don't even know who the leaders of this Alliance are yet. The two groups rarely interact, so getting them to play against one another might not be an available option at this time. Should it be an opportunity, I see no reason not to pursue it." Satre explained.

"Anyone that is labeled a rebel, be it Alliance, Partisan, or one of the countless smaller groups, they tend to favor hiding in plain sight. I recall one of the few times we tried to go after an Alliance spy team, a number of them scattered and blended into the crowds. Thankfully, we had already found their escape ship, we were working backwards from there." That got her to actually smile, "I rigged several ion charges to the ship's engines and power core. Just when they thought they were flying to safety...a tragedy that no one could explain. I like to think the rebels were helplessly terrified as their dead ship fell a full hundred klicks, not a thing they could do but reflect on their poor life choices and wait for that sudden stop at the end. The rest of their compatriots were sparred that, just gunned down. But such is the life in the lawless Outer Rim."

There was a certain pride in her voice, that she was able to still relish a job well done despite the fact that no Imperial citizen would ever know of her deeds.

"Still. I'll see what I can have Intelligence forward you as soon as I can. I'll leave you to read over what the Captain likely tampered with to make you depend on him. As soon as we reach Mrlsst, I'll let you know." Satre said, pulling the hair covering hood back over her head and then re-donned her helmet.
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Anything, even a slight mention of a ripple among the people and worlds they inhabit was often worthy of inspection for him; it was after all how he had tracked down the majority of Jedi that were eliminated at his hand. Having these vermin scattered across the galaxy like sand grains mattered little to him, he could as easily wait biding his time knowing that eventually someone would make a grave error exposing themselves and their operation. The thing was for him, the Emperor wanted results and he wanted them quickly. "We find one, that in the end is all it takes Lieutenant, just one." He was musing now, musing on those grains of sand.

After a moment when she had finished he raised his head only a little, then the eyebrows after that giving him that air of arrogance and authority. "We may find the captain on the shortlist for replacement if I do discern anything out of the ordinary from him. For now though, I'll read what drivel he's left for me, then make up my own mind. Beyond that do what you have to do and I will see you again soon." His head returned to examining the report, which for him meant taking it apart letter by letter.

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