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Title: Task Force Squad Bay
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on September 12, 2017, 03:51:04 PM
Serving as a cross between a locker room, briefing room, and armory, the squad bay is intended to be the one-stop place for a team to prepare for a mission. The briefing area has several benches in front of a podium with a large holographic projector set up for briefings. Behind that is the storage area, where personal armor and equipment are stowed in lockers codelocked to each soldier's biometric readings. This then is attached to the squad armory, where personal weapons are issued. The Kingslayer armory staff is responsible for maintaining and stocking this armory at all times. This facility is always manned by the Task Force's strategic operations droid, a KX-series droid designated "K-6X1", who is often dubbed "Kicks".
Title: Re: Task Force Squad Bay
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on September 24, 2017, 12:56:32 AM

The tall black KX-series droid, K-6X1, had gone over the mission profile and selected team members that it determined would be suitable. Since local troops would be on hand, a small team was sufficient. It sent out private messages to each team member it found suitable to report to the squad bay as the Kingslayer arrived in orbit of Mrlsst.

"Greetings, I am K-6X1, strategic analysis unit. I am assigned to this task force to provide relevant information regarding missions during this campaign." The droid said flatly.

"This is our first mission. The target, as you are aware, is one Killric Althzaria of Kuat."

An image flashed up on the rear holographic display.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

"Doctor Althzaria was a bio-engineer in the employ of the CIS during the Clone Wars, but defected not long before the Battle of Utapau. He had been previously been working on a targetable virus, a bio-weapon capable of eliminating entire groups of people or one specific person, but the Empire redirected his efforts towards combating these sorts of weapons. He was under the direction of Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin, head of Imperial Special Weapons Development, but was reported missing a week ago."

"ISB operatives located Doctor Althzaria on Mrlsst, in a warehouse district in the capitol city. It is suspected he resumed his previous work and is intending to sell it to the highest bidder. Lord Vader has personally ordered the capture or termination of Doctor Althzaria, but priority is placed upon securing any and all information that could indicate what project he was working on and who the potential buyer or buyers may be."

"A squad of Stormtroopers from the local garrison will be made available to you. Additionally, Admiral Zaarin has dispatched a team of Naval Commandos from his own command to assist, but Director Krennic and General Corvae both have indicated that your team is on point for this operation. The local soldiers and the Commandos are to act as support to ensure that Doctor Althzaria does not escape."

"If there is any subject you are unclear of regarding this mission, please speak up now so that I may clarify. Otherwise, your weapons and equipment are available for you to begin preparing." K-6X1 said.

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Title: Re: Task Force Squad Bay
Post by: Trevyr Payne on September 26, 2017, 05:33:38 PM
Don't screw up. Don't speak out of turn. Let the officers take the lead. By the Emperor what am I doing here? Trevyr's mind was racing as he walked into the squad bay. He had on his standard gear, his scout armor currently in forest camouflage from his most recent mission. His standard issued E-11 was on his side,
 and the DL-18 that his father had given him was in a holster on his left leg. Must have done something right? Right you did. You served your Emperor.

He sat down at an able bench and listened to the the KX droid being the briefing. He was still getting used to seeing so many droids, everywhere. On Pella they had certainly had their share but you were lucky to see two or three around in the same unit. Here you just had to glance and there were at last ten. He recorded the image provided and made up a copy so he would have it on hand when searching.

"I have question. Is it possible that he has gotten protection during that week? Hired bodyguards, locals, or even has rebels working with him?" Please don't sound stupid. Why am I here again!?
Title: Re: Task Force Squad Bay
Post by: Satre Pelles on September 27, 2017, 06:39:09 PM
The droid glanced to the Scout Trooper, as did Satre, who was also in full armor.

"The possibility of hired protection, either local thugs or Rebels, is very high. It is entirely possible, if the Rebels are possible buyers, that the target will seek a third party for protection." K-6X1 replied, "The target does not have any noted combat abilities, and last Imperial records while he was in the service of Imperial Special Weapons Division indicated that he was marginal with a blaster pistol against static holographic targets."

"Haven't the local authorities noticed any increases in criminal activity since we noticed his disappearance?" Satre asked, "Or the ISB, for that matter."

"Mrlsst is a major world along the Shapani Bypass, it is difficult to monitor all increases of criminal activity, especially over such a short time. And the ISB has been focused on other assignments. Admiral Zaarin appears to have attempted to kept the matter discrete and resolve it with his own force. Understandable, given the situation, but unhelpful." K-6X1 explained.
Title: Re: Task Force Squad Bay
Post by: DarkstarLegacy on October 02, 2017, 12:11:34 PM
Tyras having joined the others in the Squad Bay stood listening quietly to the droid as he spoke. He stood at attention, his E-11 At his side and his BlasTech DC-15 on his thigh holster. He wore basic Stormtrooper Armor that had slight varying modifications, namely his additional ammo pouches on his chest, his reinforced pauldrons that also designated his rank as any normal stormtrooper had none, and last but not least his he had two separate sheathes for his combat knives one on his boot the other on his shoulder for quick access.

He shared glances at the others but never took his attention away from the Droid giving the Briefing. After everything was over his shook his head.

"Seems a pretty clear mission, Verify the captured or elimination of Doctor Althzaria and ensure his research doesn't fall into enemy hands. Although easier said than done, he obviously is smart enough and resourceful enough to evade the empire for this long, it's best to assume he has help." he states.
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Post by: Satre Pelles on February 09, 2018, 01:25:42 AM
K-6X1 was waiting for Satre and Tak to return. One of the benefits of being a droid was that by the time their shuttle returned, it had already processed the first batch of information and prepared it for presentation.

"Although Doctor Althzaria is dead, this is an outcome that was deemed acceptable by Director Krennic. Mission probability only placed his survival at 8.3461%, further reduced by the presence of the Mrlsst Garrison and the Naval Commandos. But we have information regarding the personnel that were protecting him, and it has possibly opened an avenue for investigation." The KX-series droid flatly explained.

"The Justice Action Network was the buyer of a potential bioweapon that Althzaria was working on. Preliminary schematics suggest this is a targeted bioweapon, capable of infecting either a specific person or being scaled up to infect an entire planet, but it appears that this weapon was nowhere near completion. It is possible that Althzaria misled his allies." K-6X1 continued.

"What is the Justice Action Network?" Satre asked.

"They are an extremist faction of rebels, not tied to the Rebel Alliance or Partisans. They are a Tapani organization, but very unpopular. Their manifesto effectively states that neither of the two known groups are doing enough and that any support of the Empire should be met with force, and as such, they target civilians. The information already pulled makes repeated references to a JAN base in the Neona System, along the Procopian Shipping Lane. We are cross-referencing this information with the Tapani Sector Fleet. I have processed some information now, and if there are questions, you may ask. Otherwise, this operation is concluded and you are free to stand down." K-6X1 said.

Satre wordlessly glanced to Tak to see what the Inquisitor had in mind.
Title: Re: Task Force Squad Bay
Post by: Tak Imsen on February 14, 2018, 06:33:08 PM
Age, it was a curse even for a Jedi. You could fight it off for many years with your survival instincts overriding any early onset of the disease that no one was immune to, still clinging to the belief that you were invincible- in the end it was fruitless, for no matter what you did, time will still beat you. Tak was more than conscious of the fact, his bones were nagging him despite all the healing in the galaxy he was still doomed. He shook the dread thoughts off, telling himself he wasn't done yet.

Taking in all the data from the droid he stood silent for longer than he might otherwise do. There was more at stake than simply the survival of the Empire; that drove him to his conclusion. "We must find a way to drive the seeds of hatred between these factions, find a way to set them one against the other. When the result comes to us, we will be ready to destroy them all, the Emperor will expect nothing less of us. Inform our agents wherever they are, Operation Divide will begin immediately. Satre, I am placing you in command of this mission, as far as I can see no one else can be trusted to see it through. Unless of course you both have other ideas?"
Title: Re: Task Force Squad Bay
Post by: Satre Pelles on February 18, 2018, 12:32:15 AM
"That is not a strategic option that is available to us. For a multitude of reasons." K-6X1 said dryly. It was something of a design mark of the KX-series of droids that they tended to be very blunt.

"And why is that?" Satre asked.

"First, the Inquisitor's authority has been restricted on Lord Vader's order. The fact that you choose to follow his orders is your own decision, but he has been stripped of command authority normally granted to the Inquisitors. Secondly, all strategic assets needed to commence this operation are not in place. The Justice Action Network's leadership has not yet been identified. Saw Gurrera of the Partisans has been missing for some time. And the Alliance's leadership has not been fully identified and their base of operations is still an unknown." K-6X1 replied.

"What about just in the Tapani Sector, then?" Satre demanded.

"DT-F-118, if that was an option, it would be presented. As it stands, it does not exist as an option. The only course before us is to back step who has been in collusion with Doctor Althzaria and work from there." K-6X1 explained, again flatly. Using Satre's identification did somewhat grate, but it was supposed to be her new name. Only her actions that she demonstrated that fateful night allowed her to keep her true name.

"I will, however, maintain a status report with Imperial Intelligence and the ISB to make such an operation more feasible in the future. For the time being, we must continue to act within the mandate of Task Force 101, which is that we are to surgically strike Rebel cells of any type." K-6X1 added after tilting its head slightly.