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Title: News & Information
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on January 08, 2018, 03:26:33 PM

Hello All,

So, the current status of the board is thus; we've got a great start but we're short on people. The good news is that we're expecting a few more and there is an effort underway to create some sort of alliance with my old group, the Rebel Squadrons. This is probably going to be just a long term problem, I've seen that only the most established groups tend to have larger communities. Which is fine, I don't mind a smaller size as long as we're all active and participating then the story will continue to grow. We have to remember that this group is still less than a year old.

I've been working since this board went up on the background plots, to lay out stories for both sides to undertake, as well as quantifying the various forces in the area. This is to prevent a situation where it seems like a faction is just pulling Star Destroyers and TIE Defenders out of their backside while also keeping everything in its place and in line. With the release of Battlefront II and The Last Jedi, I also have more material to work with for technology, so I will be revamping the blaster armory and starting work on a codex for ships. This will likely take some time but I'll start sooner rather than later. As always, if something from Legends isn't directly contradicted by Canon, it may appear here, and that remains my canon policy for requests.

I am looking over a couple issues here that I'm going to open up for debate. So, here goes;

#1 - Fate of the Privateers: This isn't the first faction to end up on the chopping block, as the Black Talons were the first to go after we transitioned over. The idea with the Privateers was to create a place for the scoundrels of the galaxy, types like Han Solo, Boba Fett, Lando Calrissian or Cad Bane. They do have a rough draft of a plot arc, but I've noticed that people gravitate almost exclusively for the Rebels or Imperials. As a result, I am planning to just remove that as an option, but if there is a revival of interest, I can see bringing them back or keeping them around.

#2 - Complete separation of timelines - So, as we know, the policy here is that there is no cross-faction interaction between PCs. There are just way too many issues I see cropping up so that had to be put into place. However, as I've begun working on these plot arcs, I've realized that the events happening together may be a bit difficult, especially at certain points. So what I'm considering is that the Imperials and Rebels will exist in separate timelines. This basically means that whatever one faction and one plot arc does will not affect the other side and vice versa. Considering that PCs are already never going to interact with their counterparts in the opposite faction, it's only natural.

While I know there are those who are amped up to play in the Sequel Trilogy setting, and more than a few who want to play in the Clone Wars, that is not something I'm ready to look into quite yet. First of all, we need to have more people, plain and simple. Secondly, there is still so little that has been explained about the Sequel Trilogy that we can take a shot in the dark but likely it'd be wrong when Episode IX comes out in 2019. The Clone Wars has plenty of material but I'd need enough interest to even consider it, and there are other issues that I personally have on the matter. However, I will say that if we get more established, we can enter into discussions on both. For the time being, I think this setting is our best bet.

As always, my door is always open, so feel free to contact me about anything here or on the board in general.
Title: Re: News & Information
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on January 14, 2018, 11:34:51 PM

Effectively, it's been brought to my attention that the policy of separating OCs and timelines is an unpopular one. As such, that will not go into effect.


We are not going to start crossing paths until we get more players and we get the setting more established. There's still a lot of plot work to lay down and I'm not comfortable with GM'ing these encounters yet. That's the best I can do right now.
Title: Re: News & Information
Post by: Cipherhornet18 on February 21, 2018, 01:14:30 AM
NEWS POST - 2/20/18

This is not exactly good news, but it's not bad either.

There will be a conclusion to the Rebels mission here soon, and after that, we're going to pause for a bit. The reasons are a few. First of all, let's be bluntly honest here, I've done a crap job at recruitment. We effectively have 2 players and getting additional players and characters has proven to be, well, unreliable at best. This means that there's going to be a review in the plot arcs and directions. There is not likely to be a change in setting still, but if people cannot come up with characters that work for them, I have to determine if it is because new arrivals find the story to be incompatible with their ideas.

As of right now, the Privateers are no longer going to be an option until three or more players present interest and characters before I consider re-opening it and reviving the plot arc work for it.

For the moment, I'm looking to resume within a month's time. However, if interest only continues to decline, there may be some serious reconsideration as to our current situation and I may need to re-tailor the entire game to meet a much smaller scope.

On a personal note, I'm not going to lie here, I do care a great deal about this game and the work that has gone into this, which makes the seeming lack of popularity and commitment to this all the more difficult. I want to see this grow and advance but it cannot do that without a player base. It seems like even placing on the top of the highest voted RPGs a couple months ago did very little to boost our numbers, which has made me, admitedly, a bit wary of where to get people involved. Typically, I've had to rely on word of mouth and good graces, but now, I'm at a loss. For that, I accept my responsibility in effectively knee-capping my own venture.

So, expect a conclusion for the Rebels mission shortly, and then those of you still here can take a breather and I'll set about tearing this place apart until I figure out why it has attracted so few people and even fewer to commit.
Title: Re: News & Information
Post by: Mim on February 21, 2018, 10:10:19 PM
 We'll get there Cipher, as I said earlier, sometimes these things can be slow to start. At the moment as with the ebb and flow of popularity in franchises, SW is low on the list at the moment. It will pick up and when I have some time I will do the add on RPG-D, I only need a decent selling post to achieve it.
Title: Re: News & Information
Post by: Ellen_Ripley on March 08, 2018, 06:01:13 PM
I'm still here and I must say even with the three of us its rather entertaining. I wouldn't worry too much about it Cipher, time will take care of things. I see Sorra has submitted a character, get that approved soon and we can do something more.