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Sigma Base / Re: Command Center
« Last post by Visas Marr on May 16, 2018, 05:54:50 PM »
Naturally Visas was unable to see the hologram yet her senses did remarkably well to tell her everything she needed to know with her innate ability to feel what those around her may well be feeling. She reached out with her mind to find a perception of size and shape, the placement of structures of the ship. "Is there a remote possibility that this ship itself a decoy to lure us? I only ask as this is something I have in the past done before. We must be vigilant, though I see no flaws in the plan. I think in the first instance we should use the smallest of us to enter using their size to advantage to scout ahead before the rest of us follow." Her head swiveled towards Tanath with a rather unusual look that said 'I know what you did child'.

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Cruiser "Kingslayer" / Re: Bridge
« Last post by Tak Imsen on May 16, 2018, 05:38:25 PM »
The older man wore a rather curious if not amused expression on his face, hardly the look you'd expect from a wielder of the force much less someone in his esteemed yet feared position. He had his reasons of course as he reflected back to his earlier days as a Jedi, easy going with a touch of humor often not quite fitting in with the staid humorless set he was surrounded by, he often thought in hindsight was that rejection of his manner a part of the reason he sought out the darker side of his nature? It was possible. He wasn't about to dwell on it now, that was history a mere dot on the page of his life.

"Be that as it may, he might still warrant a little covert observation, nothing that would draw attention naturally." Subtly was the key, the man may well be the best commander in the fleet for all Imsen cared for the time being as he still needed to keep his own reputation intact, for after all that was his job description and one that he took great pride in to the point of extreme egotism every now and then. After that he took on the data from the droid concerning the JAN, nothing he wasn't expecting on that score either. "Then we will simply have to find their weaknesses, with a psyche such as that they are bound to have a few, we can exploit that. We shall see." The feeling of change in the ship told Tak they were on their way, he eased his mind searching for that calm before the commitment, the calm that brought victory in the end.
Sigma Base / Re: Command Center
« Last post by Sabe Baize on May 13, 2018, 06:43:09 PM »
"Let us begin." Nova said, before anything else could be said to divert conversation any further.

"We are still decrypting and investigating the information you all found on Kamper. But given the method by which you conducted the mission, we will have to keep you out of House Calipsa territory for a time. You did what you had to, and that is what we need more of." Nova explained, before the holographic display activated to a trio of ships, all of them of the same configuration.

"This is an Imperial supply convoy we have been tracking around the sector as of late. They are scheduled to meet with an Imperial resupply depot in House Mecetti space, and that is where their escort will be at its lightest. Their fleet movements recently and suddenly changed, but that's not likely tied to what happened on Kamper. Far too small for that. But we are in need of supplies to continue this fight, and we're not getting much from outside this sector." Nova said. She didn't want to add that General Draven was doing that intentionally, he had his favorite already in the sector and Nova Division wasn't it.

"You all will be the boarding team to secure the bridge and prevent the main ship from leaving. The other two ships are escorts and decoys. A second team will come in behind you to fly the ship to a location in deep space where we can then deal with the ship without interference." Nova explained, "Normally, these ships have large crews, but given the mission of these specific ships, that won't be the case. Particularly with the actual supply ship, which is indicated to have a total crew size of 100. The decoy ships have enough troops to match the original compliment of 750."

"The plan is to use a modified U-Wing to get you in through one of the access hatches at the back of the command section. You will have temporary support from both of our fighter squadrons, the Y-Wings will strafe the ship with their ion cannons to disable it long enough for you to board, the Z-95s will hold off any TIEs that might be launched by the escorts. Get onto the bridge, trigger the lockdown so the rest of the crew can't stop you, and clear the bridge. Once that's done, the flight crew will board, and all of the ships will enter hyperspace to a set of coordinates off of the hyperlanes. The Pathfinder will be waiting with a full team to help clear the ship, but if we can get the rest of the crew to surrender, so much the better." Nova explained.
Cruiser "Kingslayer" / Re: Bridge
« Last post by Satre Pelles on May 13, 2018, 06:26:01 PM »
"Of course, Inquisitor. Captain, if you require assistance, the Condemnation and her escorts are on patrol in House Pelagia space and have been instructed to render aid should you require it. Strike swiftly and with finality, gentlement. Agonizer out." Rogriss' image faded from the holoprojector.

"Finish your plans and report to the hangar. You will land with the first wave under escort of Stormtroopers and air support." Durren said, standing up and exiting the room. That was when finally Satre chose to respond, but left her voice modulator on as K-6X1 was still present.

"The Admiral behaves quite unusually for a flag officer of the Navy. I don't think he was being insubordinate, though, I believe he was the exception to the rule regarding naval officers." Satre said.

"Admiral Terren Rogriss' service file indicates that his attitude has more to do with being a means to put titles and positions aside for mission efficiency. He is noted as being extremely effective at his job, however, and has been a driving force for why the Tapani Sector Fleet continues to meet or exceed expectations in readiness and when it has engaged threats." K-6X1 commented.

"Unorthodox to say the least. But, he is likely unpopular with the rest of the Admiralty for it." Satre replied.

"He is noted for being a man who places personal honor above the needs of the Empire. In short, when he gives his word, he honors it regardless of how or why. Case in point, when he says that he will not harm those who surrender to him, he has kept that promise on every occasion, sparing his prisoners and turning them over for legal proceedings. In 90% of comparative cases with other personnel with similar time in service and achievements, this is not always the case with his peers." K-6X1 added, prompting Satre to put a hand up to stop the droid from continuing. The ship rumbled slightly as it jumped into hyperspace.

"Enough. In short, m'lord, I don't think he's a threat or someone to take lightly. I also don't think he's underestimating you either, I think he sees the objective as more important than protocol." Satre said, "K-6X1, what do we know of the JAN's combat capabilities."

"The JAN's forces are a mixture of former Freeworlds military personnel, as the Freeworld Common Military was largely disbanded after the Empire consolidated its rule, as well as extremist and zealous persons of various non-military backgrounds. They have supposedly recruited mercenaries, bounty hunters, and smugglers in the past. JAN forces are zealots of the highest degree, so extreme that they are not supported by either the Rebel Alliance or the Partisans, and are not above executing missions with poor odds of success, to a degree that is almost counterproductive." K-6X1 explained.

"Explain." Satre replied.

"They often struggle with recruitment because of their views, yet have been noted as taking on operations that are often only symbolic or useful for creating martyrs. They have even executed tactics of suicidal nature, from ramming explosive laden ships into shipyards or buildings to their members detonating thermal detonators on their person in populated areas. Either they do not fear death or they are insane." K-6X1 concluded.
Sigma Base / Re: Command Center
« Last post by Asalaya Emaalon on May 09, 2018, 04:32:53 PM »
 "Stealth, its all about stealth Tanath. While I'll admit you got the skills, its te' execution that is" She was cut off abruptly when she realized their walking steps had advanced them further than she would have liked while talking tactics, not that they were the kind of tactics Nova might want them to be discussing.

"Ah...." She said looking over her shoulder to see the strange Jedi come up behind them. "See Tanath, that is stealth." No one but a ghost could move like Visas, she had skills far beyond what Laya could ever aspire to, then again she had many many more years to perfect those skills, talking of which, that seemed to be the subject at hand right now. "Well we were just now chattin about them skills, weren't we?" A wicked almost cunning smile crossed the brunette's face, a pleasant one nonetheless as she tried to contain herself from winking at the younger red head.

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Cruiser "Kingslayer" / Re: Bridge
« Last post by Tak Imsen on May 08, 2018, 12:05:19 AM »
Casting a hurried look over his shoulder Tak couldn't miss for a moment that Satre was right there with him as if she were his shadow, he thanked himself lucky that at least his ablutions were in private, he had made doubly sure of that otherwise he'd have to kill the woman irregardless of how useful she was to him. "This is not the first encounter with the JAN, nor do I suspect it will the last unless we can eliminate them. Whether or not we can do it cleanly is another question, I'd prefer to raze wherever they may be hiding or where we even suspect they are. I'll lose no sleep over the fact that a few innocents are lost by our actions Durren." The old brow furrowed for a moment, something was irritating him which soon revealed itself when the call came from the Agonizer.

"Rogriss." He said bluntly then listened closely to the dialogue making sure he didn't miss any of the pertinent information they were being given. He wasn't impressed by the man's all too easy attitude either, another reason for his face to distort slightly. When the fellow had finished, Tak thought at first to just dismiss him but perhaps not. "If by chance we do meet 'admiral', we will talk more in depth I am sure. For the moment though we must press on as you can appreciate every minute we stand passing the time of the day, gives our adversaries that much more advantage to elude us. We will report our actions on completion of the mission." He turned to Satre keeping his voice low. "Did you not think he was trying to impress someone with his casual attitude? No Admiral that I have ever encountered would dare to speak so idly to an Inquistor in that way since time immemorial. Or am I being overly suspicious?" He for one certainly didn't think so, there was something more to Rogriss than met the eye. 
Sigma Base / Re: Command Center
« Last post by Visas Marr on May 06, 2018, 08:09:22 PM »
Still yawing from her overly long sleep Visas awoke some four hours ago taking the opportunity to brush away the cobwebs from not just the immediate slumber, more to the point for her previous several thousand years of doing so. It came as no surprise to neither her nor the captain that there may have been a few issues arising from such an extensive stasis, the first being her insatiable desire to sleep at any given moment. That had now passed hopefully with an induced sleep of her own doing, she had to admit feeling fresher than she had ever done since that moment she was awoken in that chamber.

Without any preamble the moment her foot stepped into the command center she spoke her mind. "Sleep is completely underrated as far as I am concerned. I do not know how much importance is placed upon it this age, nor whether you have managed to circumvent the affects of going without it; but I know from just the last twenty hours or so how important it is for your well being."
Cruiser "Kingslayer" / Re: Bridge
« Last post by Satre Pelles on May 04, 2018, 04:03:17 PM »
Where the Inquisitor went, Satre was right there with him, in full Death Trooper armor. She had spent the time since the operation either at her post by his door, with only six hours of sleep and some time to get food being the only break in that routine.

The two of them were directed to the ready room, where Captain Durren did not stand. He just looked at them for a moment, before speaking.

"The information you recovered here has indicated who was protecting the target. We are going to be departing for the Neona System to pursue them. They are members of the Justice Action Network, a group of rebels who are little more than psychotic terrorists. They kill without discrimination and even other rebels refuse to acknowledge them. But they are annoyingly elusive and tend to be prepared to fight at any time we do engage them." Durren said.

"You will be spearheading an assault on their base in the Neona System, supported by Stormtroopers and, if so required, fighter and orbital bombardment." Durren added just as K-6X1 arrived.

"Droid. Access data files regarding the JAN base in the Neona System." Durren ordered. The droid made its way over to the holographic display.

"Neona itself is a inhabited world, largely oceanic in nature, that has mines being exploited by the Hanson Mining Consolidated company. But that is not the suspected location. The base itself is suspected to be on one of the two moons. Intelligence indicates that it is a subterranean facility. However, given the paranoid nature of the JAN organization, we have not yet been able to infiltrate it or confirm the location. Once we arrive, sensor sweeps will be able to locate the facility, especially since we have information recovered from the safehouse that was being used here on Mrlsst which will better help to triangulate it." K-6X1 explained.

"We are in need of information, but Admiral Rogriss, who commands the fleets in this Sector, has requested that the priority be placed on burning the site to the ground." Durren said, before there was a comm beep from his console, "Yes, what is it?"

"Sir, it's the Agonizer again. Admiral Rogriss said he wanted to speak with the mission commander." The comm officer said. The image of Admiral Rogriss appeared in place of the Neona System on the display.

"Inquisitor. I am Admiral Teren Rogriss, commander of the Tapani Sector Fleet. I was not present at the inauguration of this unit as I was otherwise occupied at the time. Well, let us not beat around the bush, as they say, I was disinclined to share a shuttle with Lord Vader when I did not have to. I can manage small talk with Director Krennic and General Corvae just fine, but he is not keen on conversation. A shame, really, I would suspect a man like him would have many interesting tales." Rogriss said. Although unseen, Satre had a rather confused expression on her face. First of all, Rogriss was not acting like the usual pompous sort that Navy Admirals tended to be, he was very casual. Secondly, he wasn't showing a hint of fear or trying to curry favor, just speaking as if he and Tak had been two men meeting in a lounge over drinks to reminiscence about the "good ol days", as it was always called.

"Still. I hope to meet you in person, should the Agonizer be near the Kingslayer. And your mission team. Like Director Krennic, I really had no idea what Grand Admiral Zaarin had in mind with keeping a lunatic around, but I suppose that he figured geniuses are often considered insane. But, stereotypes exist for a reason. Killing the doctor was a better move, in my opinion. Such decisive action is a breath of fresh air when I have to suffer pomp and circumstance all the time, but protocol demands I entertain both. I envy you in that regard that you do not need to suffer as I do." Rogriss continued with a chuckle. Clearly, the Admiral was a man who actually didn't enjoy all of the ridiculousness that came with the Admiralty. Satre was now wondering if perhaps he was a man who rose through the ranks as a commoner rather than of the political or fiscal elite. He must have had to fight like hell with the attitude he had.

"If there is anything you wish to ask, I have a few minutes. Admittedly, I'm trying to put off going to a function with House Barnaba's nobility tonight. They are quite the spectacle the first couple of times, I would suggest you go to at least one once, but they tend to spoil ones palate when you go as many times as I have. Not to mention that I've had to order more uniforms any time we have to attend one, since inevitably, one will be stained in wine at some point." Rogriss concluded with yet another chuckle.
Sigma Base / Re: Command Center
« Last post by Sabe Baize on May 04, 2018, 03:29:41 PM »
Sabe stepped in, clad in combat fatigues with a desert camo pattern cloak wrapped around from her neck down and a similar patterned headwrap over her hair. After they returned from Kamper, she had spent as much time away from the others as she could, quietly hoping the spacers would just leave already. The Jedi was a liability, but the bigger one was the spacer girl who was an untrained one. The former at least could keep some semblance of control, but the latter...she wouldn't have lasted an hour in the Partisans. Just like that loud-mouthed Duros.

And so, that meant Sabe spent a lot of time in the observation towers that ringed the exterior of the base, keeping watch on the skies and ground for the Imperial attack that would eventually come for the Jedi and Jedi-wannabe. It also wasn't helping that none of this was putting her any closer to why she was here in the first place. A sniper without her spotter was only one half of a whole, and once Sabe found her spotter, the two of them would skip out on these idealistic morons and return to the Partisans. Or at least, just return to Onderon.

Unfortunately, for her, the Duros and the girl were still here, and it seemed that they had yet another here too, and that she knew the Force Sensitive spacer.

"Visas should be right behind you. It seems the commlinks are on the fritz again." Nova said pleasantly, "Also, this is Tanath Elui, she recently arrived. While I believe you know Asalaya and possibly Captain Zhug," Nova gestured to Laya and Zhug respectively, before nodding to Sabe, "This is Sabe Baize. She is a talented sharpshooter who comes to us from the Partisans on Onderon."

"Yeah, but she's about as personable as a rancor. And always eager to tell ya you don't measure up to Saw Gerrera's standards. Just tune her out, it's what I do." Zhug said, "She's only good when you need someone shooting Imps in the face, past that..."

"Captain. Please." Nova said, putting up a hand. But if looks could have killed, Sabe would have likely reduced Sigma Base to cinders right about now...

"You are all here because you have a set of valuable skills that the Alliance is in dire need of if we are to ever liberate this sector from the Empire. Please try to remember that you're here to fight the Empire and its tyranny, not each other."

"Doctor Zaalbacc said he'll let Visas know to join the team here. He said he turned her commlink off because he was in the middle of an important examination to make sure she wasn't suffering any ill effects from going into action after coming out of stasis." The comm officer reported.

Sigma Base / Re: Command Center
« Last post by Tanath Elui on May 02, 2018, 08:48:34 PM »
<<from cabins>>

Tanath was nearly pouting.  The younger girl was not at all happy with the outcome of her little plan.  Not to mention now she was getting reamed out by her friend.

"I was doin just fine," she grumbled.   "Til someone made a noise." She glared at her friend, but in the end they never stayed had at each other.
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