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XM-40 Rogue-Class Starfighter
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Artwork is by Adam Kop, astromech addition made by Syn

Model Designation: XM-40
Class Name: Rogue
Ship Type: Starfighter

Full Name: Experimental Mim-40 Rogue-Class Starfighter
Colloquial Usage: XM, XM-40, XM Starfighter

Weaponry: 2x laser cannons, 4x missile launchers
Shielding: Rudimentary one-directional deflector shielding
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 1 astromech droid

Manufacturer: Kuat Systems Engineering
Description: The XM-40 is an experimental starfighter designed by Kuat Systems Engineering near the end of the Clone Wars. Originally intended to be a dominant successor to the Z-95, the schematics were buried and forgotten about shortly after the rise of the Galactic Empire and the subsequent creation of the TIE-series.

Not all starfighter engineers were caught up in the maelstrom of Imperial domination, however, and some of these engineers endeavored to create new starfighters secretly for their own purposes, to sell to the Hutts, and eventually to contribute to the rebel effort against the Empire. The XM-40 was one of these starfighters, with only one known to exist.

The starfighter isn't particularly exceptional. While its maneuverability is less than that of a Delta-7 or Eta-2, its weaponry is comparable if not superior. The two laser cannons are identical to its peers but the four missile tubes provide it a unique advantage that was previously only held by Y-Wing assault fighters. Starfighters are regularly incapable of dealing with larger targets due to the weakness of their cannons, requiring support from a frigate or assault fighter to deal a crippling blow.

The XM-40 effectively bridges the gap between starfighter and assault fighter. While the four missile launchers can only hold two missiles each (for a total of eight missiles), their payload is large enough to deal with station emplacements, smaller spacecraft, and other normally impenetrable obstacles.

Beyond this, the starfighter is equipped with a one-directional deflector shield generator. While engineers learned that a full shield like the Y-Wing uses would deplete too much energy from the XM-40's power cells, they discovered that the pilot or co-pilot could direct a smaller deflector shield without compromising other ship systems. This allows the starfighter to withstand some laser fire, although the shield isn't very powerful.

The Rogue-class ship is capable of entering hyperspeed due to it being equipped with a class 1.3 hyperdrive. However, due to the starfighter's smaller size and antiquated cell technology, it is recommended that the pilot restrict hyperdrive use for exiting theatres instead of entering them to avoid battery depletion.

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