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Tyras Darkstar - SCAR Trooper
« on: September 08, 2017, 04:35:34 PM »
Full Name: Tyras Darkstar


Birth Place: Carida

Height: 5'11

Weight: 164 Pounds

Species: Human

Affiliation: Imperial Army, Taskforce 101/Imperial SCAR Trooper

Appearance: Tyras holds a tall and agile build. Red hair and bright blue eyes. His face well rounded and structured he maintains a well shaved jaw not allowing of any facial hair. His Trooper training has given his build some muscle though it isn't his most defining feature.

Personality: Tyras when on duty he keeps to himself generally though isn't afraid to speak up if he feels his opinion is warranted. Off duty he remains rather the same, though his attitude and expressions are more laxed and he is more social with his squadmates. When on the field his full attention is on the task at hand and his fellow squadmates. while he hates Protocal demanding the mission come first he tries his best to take options that give high success with minimal loss.

Force Sensitive?: No

Occupation: Imperial SCAR Trooper

Allegiance: To the Empire and it's Ideals.

Biography: Tyras was born on the planet of Carida. His family was wealthy and well off even during the time of the Old Republic. Having served in the Military for generations, and being swept up in all the Pro-Imperial Proboganda as a child Tyras willingly and proudly joined the Empires COMPNOR SAGroup (Commision for the Preservation of the New Order Sub Adult Group) once he was old enough. His natural social skills and confidence caught the eyes of his superiors and rose through to a leadership position in his SAGroup Squad. As the years neared for his tests to join the Academy, being a Senoir COMPNOR SAGroup leader he had full access to explore the empire and all it's glory, He believed the Empire was the truest hope for the Galaxy.

Once it came time to take the test he passed. His superiors greatly pushed him to join the Imperial Army, and so he did. After graduation he was transferred and began his training to become a Stormtrooper. His family detested, saying it was a waste of his talents. He didn't agree, the best way to inspire in his mind was to go out and show the galaxy what a true imperial was. After several years training under the hardening conditions, he had seen several combat deployments. Nothing massive, he found himself engaging Pirates and low priority enemies of the Empire. He was a natural leader amongst his men and could think under pressure, if a plan went wrong he was able to adapt. His superiors noticing his fledgling talents offered him a chance to join the Special Commanda Advanced Recon Teams. He jumped on the chance to join it. For now he served the Empire wherever it was he was needed. But he wasn't a fool, he know whether he was meant to or not about the tragedies the Empire did. Generally followed by names such as Vader, or the Emperor. He was a loyal and dutiful trooper, to the Empire no one else.

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Re: Tyras Darkstar - SCAR Trooper
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