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Trevyr Payne - Imperial Scout Trooper.
« on: September 22, 2017, 06:27:25 PM »
Name: Trevyr Payne

Age: 23 Years old (Born: The Fourth Month, 20th Day of 28 BBY)

Race: Human, Homeword: Pella in the Mecetti Province.

Current Affiliation: Imperial Army

Height: Five Feet Ten Inches (178 Centimeters)

Weight: 170 Pounds, 77 Kilos.

Build: He is in pretty good shape due to having to be able to travel great distances as an Imperial Scout. Has some muscles but he doesn't really show them. Able to run for long periods of time and can hold his breathe for five minutes under water (without equipment).

Appearances: When on on duty or a mission Trevyr can usually be found in his army issues scout armor, he preferring to be ready to deploy at a moment's notice. While on base Trevyr can usually be found in some sort of off duty fatigues and wearing his old House Guards beret. Sometimes he wears a black jacket and black pants, and he always has his DL-18 on him. He is also considered to have a baby face, a view that he tries to hide as much as possible.

Trevyr Off Duty.

Trevyr in his armor on mission.

Personality:[ Trevyr considers himself an outgoing personality. He likes to joke to relieve tension when he can. But once he is on mission he tries to keep as professional as possible. While he doesn't think he has a temper himself, he has been known to "blow up" from time to time and sometimes doesn't know when to back down. He also will defend the Emperor and the Empire without question, willing to get into fights and if he must kill to uphold the glory of the Empire.

Personal History: Born on the world of Pella in the Mecetti Province of the Tapani Sector to Kyllan and Kristyne Payne (His father a soldier in a House Mecetti Regiment and his mother a small time doctor on Pella), Trevyr was instilled with a sense of duty from a very early age. His father would take him on to the base where he was assigned and allowed to interact with the House Guards, gaining a familiarity with military life very early. While growing up Trevyr would get into fights with others due to him having a late growth spurt, him being called shorty until he was sixteen.

The Clone Wars broke out when Trevyr was just six and saw his father go off to war fighting for the Republic. His father fought alongside the Clonetroopers of the Twentieth Sector Army in the Tapani Sector and the letters he would write home telling of their heroics on the frontlines. When the Clone War ended, Trevyr's father came home, a hero in Trevyr's eyes and a Colonel in command of Pella's House Guards. From that day on Trevyr knew he wanted to join up and serve.

Up until he was eighteen, Trevyr worked everyday strengthening his body and fine tuning his training. He did okay in school, not the greatest student but he was able to pass all his classes. His mother suspected that he had a touch of OCD behavior but it never got in the way of him achieving his goals. Finally when he was eighteen he was able to join the Pella House Guards, his father proud of his son. For the next year Trevyr worked hard to meet the standards of the Guards and his father.

While on a forest patrol with his line unit, the unit came under heavy fire from a rogue unit operating on Pella. Unable to move, Trevyr and his unit fought the best they could but luck did not seem on their side as their numbers continued to drop. That changed in the blink of an eye when a squad of soldiers wearing Imperial uniforms showed up and within minutes had mopped up and defeated the enemy.

The next day Trevyr applied to join the Imperial Army. While disappointed that Trevyr was leaving the House Guards, his father supported him with his decision. Trevyr was accepted into the Army and transferred to the First Tapani Assault Battlegroup. The next few years were hard on Trevyr, as the House Guards barely prepared him for how life was in the Imperial Army. That just made Trevyr fight harder to succeed. Finally just before he turned Twenty-Three he was assigned a new scout unit and given the role of Scout trooper.

Deployed to Bethal in the Pelagia Province, Trevyr was sent on a long range scout while a new compound was established in a wooded area. While out Trevyr stumbled upon a small rebel group about to hit the camp and was able to call in a strike that decimated the enemy unit. He then moved in and was able to secure several prisoners while waiting for the rest of his unit to arrive. He was immediately promoted to Sergeant after the incident, having shown his devotion to his duty. 

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Re: Trevyr Payne - Imperial Scout Trooper.
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