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Sabe "Blaze" Baize
« on: June 11, 2017, 12:41:10 AM »
(Picture to follow later, I couldn't find one of Olivia Thirlby from Dredd I liked)

Name: Sabe Baize

Age: 22

Race: Human (From Onderon)

Current Affiliation: Nova Division, Rebel Alliance Forces (Rank: Corporal)

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Build: Fit and lean

Sabe's blonde hair just barely reaches her shoulder, and is often always a mess. Many have mistaken her smaller frame and build as being weak, and they have found out they misjudged her to their own peril. Even when not on assignment, Sabe wears darker or drab colors, preferring attire that does not make her stand out over anything particularly flashy.

Sabe tends to keep to herself, but can be quite analytical of her surroundings and those she interacts with. Years of fighting have left her with an inclination to study everything around her as a potential threat or combat zone. She forms few close bonds, though those that she does form tend to be very strong and she can be a warm and friendly person when she feels comfortable enough to be.

Personal History:
Sabe was born on Onderon in 26 BBY, just years prior to the Clone Wars. By the time she was 4 years old, her homeworld had been invaded by the Confederacy of Independent Systems and was plunged into civil war. Her family attempted to remain neutral in the conflict, but as the Onderon Rebels rose in strength, so did the brutality of the CIS' subjugation. Her mother was executed on the spot during a raid, simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is an image that is still burned deep into Sabe's mind.

For a brief time, there was hope of peace on Onderon, but after the Galactic Empire replaced the Republic, civil war broke out once more. She lost her father at the age of 14 in the same fashion her mother died 10 years ago, executed by Imperial Stormtroopers, but this time, with cause; her father was secretly aiding Saw Gerrera's Partisan movement. In gratitude for that support, Saw took Sabe into his organization, and Sabe never looked back.

For the next eight years, Sabe became a guerrilla fighter, and her ambition to be the best put her in competition with Jyn Erso, a girl about Sabe's age who was also taken in by Saw. When Saw set his sights on retaking Jedha, Sabe remained to keep fighting on Onderon, carrying out countless attacks. The young girl's skill with a sniper rifle was becoming well known, and by the time she was 18, the local governor had placed a bounty on her head.

Sabe became romantically involved with another Partisan, her spotter, Miri Solaris. The two made an effective team and it was seen as only natural that the two formed a bond deeper than just teammates. However, Miri started to question the brutal tactics that the Partisans employed, especially as they started to negatively affect the civilians of Onderon. The two were faced with the fact that while they were causing terror among the ranks of the Imperial forces on Onderon, they were a precision instrument in a world of blunt tools.

In 6 BBY, the two of them left Onderon and the Partisans and joined the Rebellion. However, the schism between the Partisans and Alliance meant that Sabe and Miri were under a great deal of suspicion and scrutiny. Unwilling to entertain the thought of two Partisans working together, General Draven reluctantly took them into Alliance Special Forces but separated them. Sabe tried to reunite with Miri, but was blocked at every turn, and was at one point told Miri had been killed in action. A year after leaving Onderon, Sabe deserted and went to Jedha, hoping to return to Saw Gerrera's forces. However, much to her surprise, he encouraged her to remain with the Alliance. It was not out of loyalty for the organization he was at odds with, but rather because Saw knew Miri was not dead and wanted Sabe to reunite with her love before returning to the Partisans.

Sabe returned less than a month later, avoiding judicial punishment by claiming she had been contacted by the Partisans regarding valuable intelligence that they did not want to publicly share but felt the Alliance needed to know. The excuse was flimsy at best, but since no one could disprove it, Sabe instead was sent to an isolated unit in the Tapani Sector as unofficial punishment.

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