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Viera El’tun Faendral - Ancient Sith
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    Full Name: Viera El’tun Faendral

    Play-By: Hamdilla

    Age:  3,724

    Birth Place:  Corriban

    Height: 6’1”

    Weight: 165 lbs.

    Species: Pureblood Sith

    Appearance: Red-golden skin. Two thin horns on her sharp jaw line. She has several piercings and long black hair which she sometimes braids. She is strong of body, athletic in a gymnast way. As far as Sith go, she is a beauty among her blood. Even to those who don’t appreciate the red coloring and warrior build of Sith, would find her beautiful in a rare and delicate way; accented perfectly with danger. Her eyes are light of hue, and vibrant. She is rare to smile, but her face can speak volumes.

    Force Sensitive?: Yes

    Trained?: Highly -Darth
    • +Datacron of Expanded Intelligence
    • +Datacron of Increased Force Capability
    • +Datacron released the History of the Sith

    • Dark Force Abilities
    • Some Light Force abilities such as Healing.

    Occupation: Sith Priestess (Force User)

    Allegiance: Self-Serving, hoping to create her own following.


    The Temple had fallen. Viera’s copper-red skin glistened in the heat of the day, a saber of lilac glowing in her hand. She leapt over the stone wall onto the stairs below, her black hair braided and long trailed behind. Like a whip, she channeled the Force through her outrage, into a weapon of near black ribbon. It cracked with electricity at every SNAP Viera popped her wrist with. Her saber was making motions in the other hand. The Jedi was taken first, and then his female Padawan.

    She had no time to relish in victory. The rescue aircraft were coming. Viera let the whip of dark energy go, as she summoned lightning that would strike every living object attempting to ascend the stairs. She would survive; mercy was for the dead and weak. She shouted at the effort: unleashing the blast, turning and using the Force to leap into a chopper. She looked back with satisfaction at the damage done, though the cost of the Temple was bitter.

    The Conclave would be meeting, and she needed to be there. It was deep into the lands she rode the chopper, before leaping out without warning. She rolled, hitting the ground and running. They were headed to a military outpost, she had a secret location to get to. Viera looked around, wiping the dirt from her near brown red robes. She’d run for some miles now, and was in the desert. Large red rock formations covered the landscape, but she knew this to be the right one.

    With the practice of one long trained, she crouched, letting the peace of flight fill her. Letting herself feel, excited. Fueled with need, and anger; she let these emotions build, used it and pulled upon the Force. She leapt from the ground with such a force of speed it left a ripple in the dust where she’d been. She barely felt the winds rush by nor hear them, she moved with such purpose and speed. Three leaps, well placed. She was at the cave entrance, and four Royal Elite Guard stood ready.

    They wore red robes and armor, as well as full face hoods. They were trained Sith and had lightsabers. Not just pomp. Viera pulled down her near black cowl, exposing her tilted, cat like features. Her eyes of purple and white, like strange stones. The piercings on her nose, to the small slender horns on her chin-line.  Her long dark hair fell around her shoulders and down her back.

    “They have convened. All other 11 are here.” One Guard informed her. Another seemed ready to take her cloak. The heat here was bad, but she knew within the cave it’d be cool.

    “Very good. Now, follow me.” Viera walked forward, her hips swaying in her robes. Around the table inside sat 11 faces she knew well. And behind them, was the window to inside the mountain, where their spaceship was hidden. “I see you have started without me. Thought me dead I presume?” Viera looked to one man in particular. He began to babble, while reaching for his lightsaber.

    Lightning shot through the room, sending hair standing on end and a CRACK echoing in the air and ears. Viera stood, lowering a hand few would have seen coming. The man, or had been, was slumped on the ground now, a hole through his center. “I knew they were on my trail too well. Someone was directing them. Guard I want all his men gathered up, and removed from the base.” His look was as if to ask what to do with them, and hers left no doubt.

    Four other women sat at the table now, seemingly unbothered. Six belonged to men; three too old to bed, and three who might yet become something. She turned now to one of the four women. “Kar’ian, the youngest of us. Child, some mistakes can be forgiven. But a scorned love.” She paused, shaking her head. Outrage suddenly filled the woman Kar’ian’s face. “I loved him!” She shouted.

    “And that is why this must happen, so you do not come back like a viper once full grown in vengeance of your ‘love’.” Viera walked over to the woman, holding her in place by sheer will of Force. She pulled the woman’s own saber from her side, and beheaded her with it. “And now, you may be together.”

    Turning back now, flanked by a guard on either side of her, she turned to the man seated in the middle of all of this. He sat calmly. When he stood, both guards rushed him, to meet death at his saber. It was Viera who smiled now. Her saber came easily to hand, and she flowed with it. The onlookers backed away as she and Fae’ril went blow for blow with their sabers. Minutes passed like hours, until finally the opening was given. He expected her to make the blow so he could behead her. Instead, like a faithful ally, the Force surged, and lightning arced, striking him in the instant. He held his side and the sword play continued. Finally, it was clear, he would not make it. His Force attempts were weakening, he was slowing.

    “You are king no more.” She spoke in the tongue of the Purebloods, as she reached down and let lightning flow between her hands, as his head lay cradled between them. She turned, and stood. The others bowed. “Let’s get on that ship. We need off this planet. Callah.” A guard moved forward. “Ready the ship and crew, we are coming aboard for stasis. The ship will launch as soon as it is able.”

    Callah took the pilot’s position with easy, her nimble fingers working the computers. 9 were on board. Nine of the remaining Pureblood Sith Council of Ishmar. Callah was a lesser, a cross-breed; but she was loyal and served her Master’s well.  The time in Stasis for the 9, was as if sleeping, while Callah grew older, and the spaceship they’d fled in began to falter.

    Viera was the first to be brought from Stasis, and she then unleashed 4 of the others. The remaining four she shut off life preservation, to reserve power to the spacecraft. Eventually the robot Callah had built before her death informed her their fuel was depleted, and no sun was nearby at the time to absorb the solar rays for power.

    With no power they fell from orbiting the nearest planet. It was green and obviously sustained life in places, if only they survived to survive.

    “Prepare for a rough landing.” She spoke with a hint of anger, as she strapped herself in like the others. The craft shook as they broke the gravitational barrier around the planet, passing through the atmosphere. She felt the impact, and instinct wrapped her in a bubble of energy. When the dust cleared, Viera stood, and helped the only other two living members of her following.

    “Let’s find shade, then figure out what to do.” She spoke, scavenging the ship for foods and water.

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