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Character Template
« on: August 24, 2017, 06:39:45 AM »
Name: - This should be obvious, but please do not re-use canon names. The Staff also would prefer that you do not recycle names from other franchises (ie: Jim Kirk, Jack O'Neil, William Adama, and so on)

Age: Please bear in mind that we are currently set at 5 Years Prior to the Battle of Yavin. The Clone Wars ended roughly around 20-19 BBY, and the years go down as it gets closer to the year of the Battle of Yavin. And please just keep the age simple, I know there are half a dozen different ways time is tracked in Star Wars, but it would only serve to confuse the Staff.

Race: Your character's race. If they are Human, please list their Homeworld as well.

Current Affiliation: Rebel, Imperial or Privateer. This helps the Staff plan for which faction you want this character

Height: You're free to do this in metric or standard units, not super picky

Weight: Same as above

Build: Your character's overall physical build; are they fit, lean, fat, overly tall, overly short, so on.

Appearances: The better of a description this is, the better people can picture them when writing. This can be supplemented with a face claim, if Human, but it is not optional either way.

Personality: This is obviously going to be a bit tricky, and if you need help, the Staff is more than willing to help. If this is proving difficult to come up with in even the broadest of terms, we can work with you to help flesh out your character more and fill this in.

Personal History: What was your character's life up until the point the ended up in their respective faction? The better descriptive this is, the easier it will be for you in the long term. But don't feel like you need to submit a novel either, just something to understand how your character got to where they are now.