Author Topic: Fact File - Imperial Tapani Forces  (Read 601 times)

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Fact File - Imperial Tapani Forces
« on: January 16, 2018, 10:02:48 PM »
Ranking Officers:

Moff Ardus Kaine

Moff Ardus Kaine is the overseeing sector governor of Oversector 20, which is the Oversector that the Tapani Sector belongs to. He is a cold and efficient man, who has supported Emperor Palpatine since his rise to power as Chancellor. Because of the nature of the Tapani Sector and his personal desire to remain closely involved with the Empire's leadership, Moff Kaine is only seen in the sector for important reasons. Overall, he tends to let his military commanders handle matters. Oversector 20 is under the jurisdiction of 20th Fleet, under the command of Tapani native and former nobleman Grand Admiral Octavian Grant. 20th Fleet is typically deployed for anti-piracy raids around the lawless system of Abregado-rae and on patrols around the bacta producing world of Thyferra. The Tapani Sector Fleet is considered a semi-autonomous unit in 20th Fleet's organization.

General Tessala Corvae

General Corvae is the commanding officer of the 1st Tapani Assault Battlegroup, the Imperial Army's presence in the Tapani Sector. Absolutely loyal to the Empire, Tessala Corvae is noted as being a skillful commander in the use and deployment of armored units, while also keeping herself physically fit and her combat skills honed. She is a consummate professional who expects the best from her subordinates, but does not ask of them what she will not do herself.

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Admiral Teren Rogriss

Admiral Rogriss is respected for not only his intuition and affinity with tactics, but also for being a rarity in the Admiralty; a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously. He believes truly in the mission of the Empire to bring order and stability to the galaxy, and seeks only to advance the Empire’s interests, not his own. He is also noted as being an extremely honorable man, and has gained popularity in the Tapani courts for honoring any commitments he makes, even if it is in conflict with the Empire’s interests. Admiral Rogriss’ current flagship is the Imperial-I Star Destroyer Agonizer, and he has split his forces into three groups.