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Tanath Elui
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*Face Claim Anna Lutoskin*


  NAME:   Tanath Elui (El-loo-ee)
  FACTION:   Rebels
  RANK:    TBA
  MASTER:    N/A
  SPECIES:    Human
  AGE:   17
  GENDER:    Female
  HEIGHT:    5’4”
  WEIGHT:   118 lbs


Tanath’s looks are deceiving. Though she doesn’t regard herself as neither short nor tall, her slender frame gives the impression of weakness. That is the first mistake others make in her, for beneath the clothing and outer shell is a toughness that many envy. Strong and fit, with her long mane of red hair she draws eyes to her wherever she goes. Her green eyes sparkle with humour most of the time, she tends to see the bright side through them where others falter. Her skin is fair, with a smattering of freckles across her face, making her look far younger than she is.


She is green through and through, and this shines in her personality. Very much the epitome of “never tell me the odds,” she is quick to talk and even quicker to action, the Elui name lending her a feeling of invincibility that is dangerous for one so young. However, despite behaving like nothing more than the child she really is on most occasions, none can deny that she possesses a quick-witted intelligence that makes her quite formidable in certain scenarios.

Without a doubt her greatest flaw is the cocky attitude that one would consider an attribute among all Corellians. For a seventeen-year-old Tani has the tendency to walk lines she perhaps shouldn’t, and this has the capacity to land her in very dangerous situations that she has no way out of, but she somehow always manages to find an escape, whether thanks to her older siblings or her father’s influence.

While she may for all intents and purposes appear just another kid that doesn’t know any better, Tanith is in fact quite smart when it comes to the underworld, and she knows how to walk and talk her way through most anything thrown at her. If she’s not able to do it herself, she uses what few connections a teenager can have to do so for her. Her unique intelligence and the web of contacts she has spun even at a young age make her a very different sort of criminal.


Anything connected to a con, anything that involves making a quick turn around and a profit. Other than that Tani loves nothing more than the quiet solitude of sitting near a pool of water alone to reflect on the universe around her.


Positive traits

+ Street smart: If one looks past her age, there is no denying that Tanith is very well-versed in just how the street politics of running a criminal empire work, and they are something she undoubtedly uses to her advantage every time she leaves the Elui manor.
+ What’s in a name: There is without a doubt one thing Tanith learned very early on, and that’s the power that a name like Elui brings. Whether this is a blessing or a curse remains to be seen, but she certainly knows how to use it to her advantage.
+ Looks can be deceiving: While not the greatest combatant by any stretch, Tanith knows how to shoot a blaster, and she can handle herself in what minor scraps she gets in fairly easily. She may not be the most dangerous thing walking the streets, but she is without a doubt the one people tend to underestimate the most.

Negative traits

- Rocket fuel for blood: Perhaps the closest equivalent to a living embodiment of this phrase, Tanith is slow in backing down from most anything – especially challenges. This gets her into trouble more often than out of it, and is the reason she’s behind most of the calls Jaymes receives that pertain to his children.
- Silence is a virtue: To put it plainly, Tanith runs her mouth. A lot. While she can certainly talk her way into a myriad of high places, typically she’s just getting herself into even more trouble.
- Just a kid: As much as she would like to advocate for the contrary, Tanith is just thirteen and thusly suffers all the drawbacks this entails, whether she likes it or not. A crime lord’s daughter though she may be, this only grants so many passes in the game of life.
- “Normal”: For Tanith, normalcy has always been living life as a crime lord’s daughter, and all of the inherent nuances of criminal and street politics that come with it. She’s used to having to watch her back even in friendly territory, and is thusly inherently ready for trouble.


Born the fifth of seven children to Jaymes and Evelyn Elui, Tanith was part of a legacy far bigger than herself before she was able to entirely understand just how much weight the name Elui held. Her early childhood was a fairly normal one, comprised of the typical mischief and games that all children partook in. There was nothing that set her apart from others her age, except perhaps the home to which she returned at the end of the day, and her last name that gave other children cause for avoiding her.

As she grew older her outings only strayed further and further from the Elui manor, until one day the unthinkable happened. Her older brother had crossed the imaginary borders and gone too far in his destruction, burning down a Menendi warehouse. The incident ended in him getting shot and wounded, and that confrontation marked the first occurrence of violence that struck the family themselves. That spoke a clear warning that the name Menendi would soon be its own force to be reckoned with, and the boundaries were drawn more clearly on every corner afterward.

Ever since then the mischief has only become more prevalent, with those on each side of the line toeing the barest edges of the territory but never quite inciting violence as explosive as that singular blaster shot years previously. The bitterness among the younger generation of Eluis only increased after what happened to their brother, the name Menendi spoken like a curse.

From there she began wandering, leaving the weight of the family behind her at only fifteen, then a brief stint with smugglers until she finally somehow found herself with the newly awoken rebel forces.

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