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Asalaya (Laya) Emaalon- {Jedi Padawan}
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  NAME:   Asalaya Emaalon
  FACTION:   New Jedi Order
  RANK:    Jedi Padawan
  MASTER:    N/A
  SPECIES:    Human
  AGE:   21
  GENDER:    Female
  HEIGHT:    171cm (5'7")
  WEIGHT:   57kgs (125lbs)


Her eyes are a soft light brown, almost mesmerizing at first glance, though you're only able to see them briefly before your attention turns to her smiling facade. Asalaya’s  head is crowned with a mess of brown hair, often unkept, its the least thing on her mind. Laya  is not overly tall, but not short either at 5'7", and weighs just 125lbs, giving her a slim, but athletic look about her. She doesn’t have any distinguishing marks, other than her left baby finger which is missing above the first joint.
Laya’sclothing is reflected upon based on her mood. Her usual attire is smooth leather pants, a light shirt and jacket of the same material as her pants, unless it’s simply too hot, which is often on her native Tatooine. She rarely carries a weapon, although she does have a light sabre, handed down to her family from someone lost in the histories, it does seem to be quite old as light sabre’s go.


Laya as she is known, is one of those youngsters older people get pretty well ticked off with rather quickly. She has one demeaning flaw and it’s a big one. She doesn’t think before she opens her mouth. She can be brutally honest, too much so, often offending others with her sharp tongue. The other side of her personality is that while she may appear somewhat thick, even a little dumb, she is not, far from it. Laya has a mind as sharp as her tongue, she can assess things faster than most and even though she never learned to read and write until quite recently, she uses her backwater persona to advantage. To this day, she still speaks rather awkwardly, and has difficulty pronouncing some words. Her personality is reflected by how she appears; often scruffy, disorderly and having little regard as to how others might see her. She is not, dirty, bathing of course takes precedent for her. Laya simply feels in her own mind, that appearance doesn’t get the job done. She is guarded about herself, letting others see what they want, through the expression she wears, which can be quite confusing. How do one weigh up an adversary, who is smiling like an angel, seconds before you die?
At any given time, you are not likely to find Laya busy with one particular task or another. Most often if she has free time, it will be spent either sleeping, or planning something, or simply spending moments in quite reflection. In the latter part of her life to the present, she has been doing more of that, than anything else, seemingly looking back, being her own critic and finding the life she lead was not sitting comfortably with her heart and soul. Her years spent alone, often feeling neglected/rejected has been the catalyst for Laya’s personality; it may change over time, but in that, only time will tell.


Anything that resembles a weapon, or flies. She has a soft spot for boys of course, but has never had a relationship. Laya loves to learn and discover new things. She loves to spend time alone, crowds unnerve her, yet at the same time, she knows that she will have to overcome that.


Being a natural, and never having to learn the force, Laya’s strength lays in being able to move objects, even quite large one’s that would test a veteran Jedi. She can also can open almost any lock with the force and therein lays her primary weakness. Laya is a thief; she is a sucker for pretty things.


Born in the Western region of Tatooine out by the Pika Oasis, to poor dirt farmers, Laya was orphaned at a very early age due to the often property disputes that occurred in that area. At the age of three she was sold to slavers by the very neighbours who had killed her parents, she spent the first formative years of her life being ‘owned’ by someone. Until she was around twelve years of age and had managed to control her ability and finally escape. She has been on her own since, keeping low and surviving. At times working for mercenaries, at other times racketeering or simply stealing ships and selling them. But now something in her heart tells her, she needs to find a base and people to call her own. Thus it falls to her, to find a master, as she was told to, by at least one ship captain she had double crossed, but actually had taken a shine to her.

When Laya was but a babe in her mother’s arms, there was often strife with other settlers in the region, most often over water rights and who had the most fertile lands. Both of those commodities were scarce in that part of Tatooine and it often led to conflict. On that fateful day, when Laya had but turned three years old, a heated dispute turned physical, her father doing his best to protect what they had, ended in his death as their neighbour sort to assert his claim on a stream that flowed through the back portion of their allotment. Laya’s mother tried to intervene, and she was shot out of hand, not a few seconds after her father lost his battle. Unarmed and defenceless. Laya was carried off and sold to slavers, as she grew older, she went from being more or less a servant with one owner, sold again, to become a hand maiden for some wealthy woman, sold again to a an old merchant who had other intentions and that was when Laya snapped.

It was around the time Laya was five or six years of age she found she had this ‘gift’ as she called it. She could manipulate objects around with her mind. Of course at that tender age, and indeed until she was much older, she had no idea what it was. Simply using as a means to acquire things normally out of reach for a child. Her often harsh and brutal treatment at the hands of others, forced her to keep it to herself. Now she was on the verge of becoming a teenager and at twelve years of age, some unscrupulous men, saw that as the perfect age for ‘grooming’ into something that Laya well understood, despite her total lack of education. She knew what it meant. Her merchant owner, had set up quarters in a rather seedier end of Solara, meaning to auction off his captive each night to the highest bidder. He made the mistake of telling her his intent, and Laya took advantage of his ignorance, thinking this mere child was nothing but merchandise with no mind of her own. In the few months she was under his captivation, Laya began practicing her skills, she found that she could manipulate simple locks, doors being no bar to her, at least not mechanical ones. Just after midnight, the day before she was to be made sport of for the lustful pleasures of others, Laya escaped into the night; she found a trading ship about to leave and became a stowaway.

It must have been the right thing to do, the Trader taking a shine to her, a woman in her middle years. She taught the child some life skills and helped prepare her for the road ahead. Some time, perhaps a year or so after that fateful night, Laya missed the departure of her ship and out of necessity, for survival on a distant planet, she fell in with some street urchins, living on theft and trickery as a means to live. This lead to bigger and grander things as she grew older, eventually ending up with a group of mercenaries and bandits. Stealing was still a way of life for her, she had learned to fly, pilot small vessels and her captains put that skill to good use. But as with all things, it had to end. She had always harboured a need to go home, settle a score with her parents murderers, on a chance, she took leave of her captain, Jago was his name, and with his permission she took her small fighter back to Tatooine. When she reached home, she was too late to settle the score, someone had already done that for her. She did though, spend time searching the ruins of her old family home, she found nothing but an old lightsabre. She only knew what it was, by the mere fact her Captain had run into Jedi or worse, Sith at one time or another and only escaping by the skin of their teeth.

Before she returned, Laya somehow managed to activate the weapon, it felt natural in her hands. She made feints at her own shadow, that too, as awkward as it might have been felt natural as well. Finally she made her way back to Jago, she showed him all that was left of her heritage. He sat her down, not something he would normally do.
“Kid, you’re better than this life....” He began. Jago told her more about the Jedi, he seemed to know a lot, a lot more than a simple mercenary would. He told her about her gift, the Force and that from his viewpoint she was quite strong. The last thing he told her before giving her leave to go, basically he pushed her away. “Find someone who can teach you, find a master Jedi. I can’t tell you Laya where they can be found, more likely they will find you. wary of the Sith.”

So once again she was alone, finding her way through the stars and her elusive future, whatever that may bring.

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